Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Free verse - flip flop weather

Words 'rain, reign, rein' in a prose poem.
    Free verse - flip - flop weather

Flip flops made it difficult
to run across the street to
buy ice cream
The heat was stifling,
my face and arms burned
a hot rosey red...
eighty days without rain...
Then, thunder rolled in,
clouds unreined
a welcome downpour.
My face lifted to the sky,
I wallowed in the cooling shower, raised my arms high,
finished the last of the waffle cookie cone.
In another part of the world, hurricanes.
Reigning angels hearing prayers rushed in, sent ships with water, food, and supplies.
Millions of less fortunate
after the storms, suffering,
wishing, waiting for torrents
of compassion to keep
flooding in.


  1. I know this blessing of water after drought... I could not live in a climate with so much waiting. Lovely feeling Kathy

  2. I liked the description of a downpour after a drought and the "torrents of compassion" needed after an emotional drought.

  3. I love, 'clouds unreined' and 'torrents of compassion' - so descriptive!

  4. I love the beginning part because it evoked memories of myself as a child. :-) Having said that, I like the uplifting message of the poem - the blessing of water after a long dry spell, the blessing of compassion in times of calamity.



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