Thursday, August 31, 2017

End of August...

Acrostic poem today @

End of August

Embers blink back at me amidst grey smoke
Nothing else on my mind but you and me
Dancing flames speak of summer's fickle end

Of building sand castles on future shores
Forever pink clouds grace your silhouette

Amber shadows bleed from a crying sun
Undulating waves invite us to wade
Gusts of a north wind rustle the sea grass
Upon sunset we fall into starlight
Slowly cease coos of doves in bushes blue
Together, in vintage photos we fade


  1. Good description of the memories an old photo provides. I like the description of summer's end as "fickle".

  2. Ah, the end of Summer vacation. We lived for Summer break when we were kids. Your story reminds me of the good old days

  3. End of summer is so much more, a metaphor of things to fade but also time to cuddle up.

  4. I like the way you start with the smoke and embers of autumn and then look back at summer, with the sand castles and undulating waves, which then turn into photographs.

  5. This is beautiful. I wanted to fall into this poem!

  6. This sets a beautiful end of August scenario of memories. I love the final lines!

  7. It reminds me of the changing seasons of a relationship, yet there is an image that stays until that too fades into a new day.

  8. Not only excelling at the form but transcending it. A beautiful poem.

  9. Oh, Kathy, this is so beautiful, and poignant, and picturesque. I love it. 👍💛🌸

    Happy Sunday.


  10. Beautifully done, I especially love 'Upon sunset we fall into starlight' as this can relate to the spirit too ��

  11. I so loved this poem about summer's ending. I too liked the 'Upon sunset we fall into starlight' A truly beautiful line.


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