Sunday, January 6, 2013

There is a peace...

Saturday's Poetics' bartender, Mary, invites us to write about Peace Within and Without....

                                                                     flika photo art

There is a peace..
.where there is no fear
of life's fire and ice storms... 
where swallows sail the unseeable
airy matrix,
 gaining momentum..
... when wind and rain 
rock tree branches to a timeless

...there is a peace.. 
..where no hatred or bitter scorn 
dare stalk..
 where we walk sun blotched paths..
 birds tenderly covered  in 
shawls of first light,
 singing from high white pine 
of profound love 
...there is a peace..
where no one suffers pain or loss
..somewhere a place..
where not yet drawn latitudes appear
...reaching far beyond
 the tumbling sea..
 a wide stretched canvas to paint on waves to swim in 

  by klr


  1. The land of peace you painted, will we ever get there?

  2. love the wide stretched canvas to paint on...full of new possibilities, new waves.. and we can start today...a peace-ful word picture..

  3. Sounds 'heavenly' to me. Smiles!

  4. a wide stretched canvas.....nice...can you draw me a map to your peace? is a lovely place you paint...

  5. So beautifully painted on your wide stretched canvas,... I can't wait to be there!

  6. Sign me up for some of that peace! The images you paint on your widespread canvas are sublime.

  7. I love this Katy...

    birds tenderly covered in
    shawls of first light,
    singing from high white pine
    of profound love

    Just beautiful, thank you for sharing. :) xx

  8. ...there is peace everywhere... we just need awareness and acceptance of it almost obvious presence.... great, lovely offering... smiles...

  9. Such beauty and tranquility in your words Katy - they have refreshed my soul.

    Anna :o]

  10. I agree with previous commenter - I also feel refreshed having read your words. you've a truly lovely way of expressing yourself. wishing you a healthful, happy new year.


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