Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sleeping Beauty..revisiting..

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Rarely does one see a photo of a snow covered Sleeping Beauty unless 
copy-written or perhaps one personally snapped shot from near her in the Trout Lake 
valley below Mt. Adams in Washington State. I'm re-posting the poem I wrote in 2011 posted on my blog in it's beginning year.  I've added two photos with Sleeping Beauty in her winter glory as well as a sunset photo and a small general map to give you a more complete picture.  
People I grew up with and who still live near her are fortunate 
to know her and that part of our state that borders Oregon, known for it's lumber industry, fishing, hiking, huckleberries and green, almost storybook, scenic countryside above the Columbia River.

by klr  

  Her reclining silhouette looks up to heaven
draped in a gown of multi-hued greens,
she sleeps eternally above the golden valley
Hills of smoldering spruce form her breasts,
 new growth where her flowing lava hair
once was quarried.
Indian legend says she died of an aching heart
Gods fought for her pure love
yet she lived for no other than her young brave
The story tells how the volcanoes rumbled,
echoes of Romeo and Juliette,
immortal mountains made their true loves grave

Autumn turns her garb to silky rusts and golds,
 while hints of lime and magenta foliage
grow next to ebony bones

In winter she imparts warmth to those who eye her
A snowy princess in sweet repose
shy clouds cling to her feet
Springtime birds fly gladly all around
finding shelter in her terrain,
Rainbows often circle her throat

The sun and stars take turns
shining down upon her,
Her majesty can be seen for miles
Veils of mist breathe a faint sound
One senses a slight stirring motion
as she slumbers and smiles

 This is probably one of the earliest photos of her.  The Sleeping Beauty Trails and hikes take you up to an elevation of 4907 ft., are just part of the Cascade chain that runs from Alaska to Central America and beyond. Of the highest peaks on the map, we can brag about 4 ancient volcanoes, Mt. St. Helens being the most recently active.                                                  



  1. ah beautiful...i love the mountains....and you took her through the seasons...pretty cool on her story as well...or legend...beautiful pics of her....

  2. Thanks, Brian, and I hope my poetry has improved since then..yeegads, there are 100 posts to read and try to comment on!!

  3. Beautiful lines accompanying beautiful scenes. Love the colors you've captured.

  4. What wonderful lore, and what beautiful photos!

  5. She is beautiful. I love the scenery crossing from WA to OR. Makes me want to take the trip again soon. Gracefully written.

  6. Wow - so beautiful. Very cool! k.

  7. Beautiful pictures ~ I specially like the autumn one ~ Your words give her majesty and charm ~

  8. These pictures are fantastic accompaniments to your poetry
    bringing home the sights and sounds of the great outdoors

  9. so very cool...wonderful weave of her beauty, nature, the legends...oh...she def IS beautiful...i would love to go for a hike there..

  10. I just love that name... Sleeping Beauty.

  11. Beautiful pics Kathy. It takes talent not just efforts to spot and position the good images! Wonderful descriptions to match!


  12. Lovely words and pictures, I really love this line: Autumn turns her garb to silky rusts and golds.

  13. Fascinating pictures and poem. I didn't know about Sleeping Beauty-thanks for the education!

  14. Nice pics and words, Katy. We have a inactive volcano here called "The Sleeping Lady".


  15. Sleeping Beauty, what a lovely name for a mountain. and your poem is like a tribute to Nature. delightfully written. wishing you a happy 2013 and congratulations on your new template. well done :) xxo


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