Saturday, January 26, 2013

Teen texting test..

       Brian's prompt at is exploring today's media through poetry..check it out.                                                                  

'Become new friends with..'
'Have you updated your status?'
Phrases from Facebook..
new world phenomena
Gone are long phone calls
between teens..
--..-.- Morse code?.. forgotten...
we've smart phones now
we depend on

Teens text messages..
give High 5's with hearts,
stars and other
icons from their cell phones..
... or iPods.. handwritten
paper love notes?
Fingers move like lightning..
frequent giggles..

"Wha's up....can U hang?"
"Super awesome BFF"
     "..idk U ,,
"Pretty coolio !"
The jargon is new to me..
times have changed..
but being a teen is
hard..the process the same
raising kids never easy

Hippies a thing of the past,
maybe, but I hear .
."chillin' w/my  ppl"
...even "far out" heard..
Instagram for great pics..
but NO obsessive
texting while driving
___or else 'rly'..
you will lose your timeline!


  1. Never text or for that matter even talk on phone while driving. I have friends who do these, and I keep telling them not to. When I drive my own car, I stay focussed on the road ahead. I only check my cell for texts or calls after halting my vehicle !!!

  2. nice..they have their own language like we used to have when we were kids.. communication changed so much these last few years..sometimes it frightens me, sometimes i think it opens up new possibilities as well...we still just need to learn how to use it wisely..which is a challenge in itself...smiles

  3. You know you're old, when you the youth disgust you.

  4. Great lines....I can relate to the teens jargon and not understanding the text language (have to read it aloud). And multi-tasking will distract you, concentrate on driving first ~

    Happy Sunday ~

  5. smiles....remember back in the day the phone calls...and not wanting to get off or break that connection, 'no you hang up,' ' no you' ...ha...and times have certainly changed...and so has their language, text speak is rather interesting to me...

  6. Loved this. Brilliant finish. You are definitely in tune with social media here :-)

  7. It's all Greek to me, so there it is; I am officially OLD!
    Great job on this one, Katy!

  8. I've never owned a cell phone or texted
    but I can always appreciate some cool lingo!
    Your finish says it all !!

  9. Yep, that closure is epic!

  10. The texting lingo is crazy, really (this is the teacher in me wondering why spelling correctly is too much trouble).

  11. OH TEENS...A hurdle ...not for the faint hearted!

  12. This is real cool, I find it absorbing - but then I run for cover.

  13. A new generation as always brings a new problem! This one ie dangerous though!


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