Saturday, January 19, 2013

Today..200th post...

   Later today I am posting my 200th creative page
 on this blog that I began the
 summer of 2011.  It has grown and evolved, much to my surprise; and from 
what I gather from other bloggers it takes time to build and hone this little world in cyberspace,
 to know just how you want it to look and feel, what it is you want to accomplish and where you want
to take it.  

I can't say I am disappointed.  Where it will lead I cannot say....
it's a little one in the huge world of blogging and there is so much more one can do.  I wanted only to
 share with readers what interests and moves me as a beginning poet, writer, photographer and if
 I have reached anyone and made them smile, or even cry (in a good way) then it has
 been worthwhile.

Until now I do not advertise or adopt other gadgets time I will see...what I feel 
comfortable with in adding to this space.  It's been a great pleasure of mine to meet all the talented
people along the way.  You don't know how happy it has made me to be able to express myself
in this way.   So, so far, so good.....and again, thanks for visiting me here
on the Eyrie Road.

.I am closing with the painting with which I started the, the first
post in July's always been a dream of mine to live in such a cottage and it's
 in the same spirit I create here still...
                          Kathy -


  1. Happy 200th post! Isn't the blogosphere amazing? I am awed by the connections made.

    You wondered if you were going to add a lot of gadgets as time goes on. Up to you, but do remember what your focus is and be sure that people can see THAT easily and not be distracted by additions. I'd stay STAY CLEAR OF ADVERTS! I find them really annoyingly on blogs.

  2. Thank you Mary; I think it is wise for me to stay a bit away from them as I find what little I am doing time consuming. All I know is I have the urge to write and dabble in other creative projects, to soothe and express myself and share if I want to or think others might enjoy it. And the really technical aspects are still confusing. Have a great day!

  3. Congratulations Kathy. You've created a lovely space and filled it with so much creative goodness. I'm glad to have found your blog.

  4. Thank you so much, Mary; Mary is also my daughter's name;)


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