Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sounds (rumors) of immortality...

The root record of the word is Greek, siphonia; 
pipe, or concord of sound,  carrying it's beginning 
 possibly from a wind instrument
'Sounding together';  it evolved into "symphony",
interchangeable with concert, orchestra, sonata or 
overture  - but not synonymous
Movement forms can be slow, fast or more like a  minuet (in the middle); 
I've numbered many of my ensembles, like Beethoven, his 5th;  
created symphonies within larger symphonies bearing witness to diversity, 
but always with love
All written from life's experiences, not without disharmony, but forever
recorded in illusive time, an idea only perhaps?
Some are composed as longer, larger performances 
with many instruments; 
others are smaller as in a band playing or choral group
In it's entirety a story told, in an operatic indulgence of pain, 
but with such a sweet indescribable voluminous 
overflowing refrain
The direction is crucial to finding meaning, 
even when the baton wavers uncontrollably; 
the richness and body of it can bring bountiful rewards unseen
Written intentionally with immense passion, 
drums beat to only your heart's desire..
Glimpse in the mirror at yourself, at your tuxedo tails or 
opera ball gown - 
at the disguise - this is not our natural state
As Mary Oliver well penned in her poem, 
each life is a  wonder,
we are all connected yet all individual flowers and we
create everything else there is....
the music is amazing -
it's idea implies immortality 
Imagine earth's hum in space and to what ear?
My score began in innocuous adagio form, then it  crescendoed 
into a trio of loves and lives divided  
The middle is made a rondo with whirls and twists, tango and ballet; 
it's highest pitch reached in a long intermezzo not unlike Mahler's 
raging exhausting opus
The rest is a long waltz with Haydn and silent applause;
black notes with their half wings soar into space, colliding, expanding into
the universe with the utmost immense joy, yet melancholy; 
at times unbearable lamenting,  yet is born of unbreakable chords 
It goes on and on, doesn't end anywhere, and spirals into infinity, 
carried by elegant fractal bands of protective love, 
taking me home,
 which is our natural state



  1. making life itself a symphony with all it's rich body and joys and sorrows...probably the best we can do.. LOVED all the musical references...play on..play on...smiles

  2. I'm an avid visitor it Stockholm symphonic orchestra, and have a season ticket... next week it starts again for the season.. and it will be so exciting to be back... I agree that there is story in the symphony or sometimes it's like a mirror of your own story, and I sit there and let myself be carried to places and things I need to consider... great writing

  3. all life is a wonder and while connected we are individual flowers...true...and the making of music...it is what we do each day with our lives...and also inviting others into our song....

  4. A poetic symphony with a strong message:

    Glimpse in the mirror at yourself, at your tuxedo tails or
    opera ball gown -
    at the disguise - this is not our natural state

  5. You've painted a great poetic symphony for such a powerful message.

    I like the way you write...I feel like I'm reading a novel of a story. :)

  6. I love how you made of life a symphony. That's what it is. And I hope you always compose music with your life. This poem is superb. You included so many facets of life by including so many aspects of music. Well done!

  7. WOW! a real tour de force!!
    carried by elegant fractal bands of protective love.
    now that's a great line
    right there;

    one of many too!

    great to re-read you

  8. Musical words are just so....cantabile--you use them here super effectively. It's wonderful actually if one can feel somewhat the composer of our lives--and then sometimes the band just plays on! Thanks. k. (This is Manicddaily - I am commenting on a mobile device that wants to use an old blogger ID.)

  9. I loved this; I could feel the rise and fall of tempo and sound, hear the strings and the sounding brass, watch the conductor bringing each instrument into the piece at the right time, and see, behind them all, the writer of the music painstakingly writing down what only her ear can truly hear. Beautiful.

  10. Lovely rhythmic write--perfect for your message.

  11. "It goes on and on, doesn't end anywhere, and spirals into infinity,
    carried by elegant fractal bands of protective love,
    taking me home,
    which is our natural state"
    I love this ending. Makes me think of the universe in such a natural and close way. A peaceful and appropriate ending.

  12. I enjoyed your classic poetry on classic musical references. A noble subject and well executed. I invite you to switch genres for tomorrow - the Meeting The Bar challenge is to write a jazz poem employing its rhythms, its sounds, its effects on you. Hope to see you there!

  13. ...taking me home! This is lovely - quite the journey music takes us on.

  14. Love the ensemble to a musical situation. Music flows along with the journey and you've said it all! Nicely Katy!


  15. ...exciting to read with that added references to some of the classic figures i genuinely admire... thanks for the poem Katy... i enjoyed it... smiles...

  16. The music of life...I especially like:

    "black notes with their half wings soar into space, colliding, expanding into
    the universe with the utmost immense joy, yet melancholy;"

  17. I sense a metaphor, whether intended or not, that has sensual harmony. This is beautiful.

  18. Yes, exactly that. You describe all that music - especially majestic symphonic music - brings up within you. My Greek relatives say 'Symphony' when they mean 'I agree with you.'

  19. I like the musical pieces and terms in your words K ~ Makes me grateful for the notes that we hear, touching and evoking different emotions ~ Good morning ~


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