Friday, March 20, 2015


He skids into my heart, stands guard
at my moist pillow in the night;
and when the moon shines bright,
Owl knows the curriculum
I climb onto the owl's wide back;
we whoosh up to the sky,
away, higher
Lifted by a mighty Nor'wester gale
we sail in interstellar channels
and beyond

The breath of God whirls us toward
sacred places, to a land I once knew,
but had forgotten - far, far away
My feathered chariot, my
benevolent chauffeur grasps
trailing blue ribbon reins
He ferries my cargo of memories,
tales gleaned from generations
before, brought to bear through
gritty legacies

I slumber as he croons
with the voice of an opera tenor
I feel to my core his thunderous
wings flapping - We soar,
skirting the milky way
to a place called home
Ascending to a high cloud, he
rests me down upon the banks
of a roving river; I capture a fallen
feather, hold it close to me

My feet alight in cool yet warm sand
I sift it with my toes
Then, in a quiet boat drifting,
my hand dips into clear
water and glides
Grateful for all the living I've done,
for deeds and promises kept by me,
and for me,
for gifts I gave to others,
gifts given  me, for all we shared,
I am thankful for the return ride
dVerseStrong verb usage today...


  1. Love your verbs.. and the fairytale narrative..especially to come back again with that return ride :-) .. could be quite scary on those wings...

  2. You really worked with your verbs, Kathy!

  3. Beautiful, almost eerie poem, Kathy. The verbs add much to the mood.

  4. You definitely alit upon some moving action verbs in this one! Peace, Linda

  5. I love the travel on the owl's back and seeing gratitude and blessings of the journey ~ Wonderful share Kathy ~

  6. this definitely feels like a fairy tale... riding the owls back and especially, "The breath of God whirls us toward
    sacred places, to a land I once knew,
    but had forgotten - far, far away" - well written piece :)

  7. The owl of mind of wisdom is a forgotten tale once remembered and gone again.. and flight once taken truly is a wonderful way to fly again..:)

  8. Very nice and beautiful piece you have here Kathy - the use of verbs are not only rich but so calm and serene, I loved it all. Have a good weekend.

  9. nice flight there... and the thankfulness in the close resonates with me... gifts given and received... nice..


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