Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wind song..

In honor of March we are writing about wind .....so many ideas came to mind...so just a little refresher about wing songs.....dversepoets.com   

A gentle breeze overturns twigs,
plays with a pretty lace curtain
Prevailing winds are usual,
nothing extraordinary
Moderate winds are perfect
for kite-flying weather
Strong winds, gusty gales reek havoc
in our lives
Then, once in while, A Mighty Wind
gives us reason to pray
Unless caught in a jet stream,
we go about living, 
an instrument of time,
bending, swaying, as if
life is but a dream

Depending on what's happening,
we heed the winds of change -
but must we Surrender to the Wind,
remember the Winds of War, or
be Gone With the Wind?
When the wind blows, 
the cradle will rock,
how scary
They call the Wind Mariah,
just one of many
Baby, the Rain must fall, 
baby, the wind must blow
my heart is yearning
Baby I must go

When love is in the air,
Love is like the wind
For love some will conquer Windmills 
Love is Written on the Wind;
we sometimes go Against the Wind
we will go Any way 
the wind blows
You are the Wind Beneath my Wings
a Candle in the Wind
but oh, how I love that Summer Wind!
After all, the answer,
 my friend,
is Blowing in the Wind


  1. Moderate winds I like ~ My favorite is we heed the winds of change - So many faces and songs about the wind ~ Thanks for sharing Kathy, smiles ~

  2. This is very clever, Kathy. I love how you wove the songs into poetry. I really realize now that most of the songs that mention wind are ones that I really like. My favorite is "Candle in the Wind."

  3. ha - you have me humming along... some cool songs embedded in this... oy.. isn't the wind a mysterious creature...

  4. I wonder how many titles of songs you managed to weave in here.. You should do a playlist of them :-)

  5. We are in the midst of changing winds today - from the warm southern breeze to the cold north wind and wind chill today - brrr!
    I love using the idioms and songs to express the different aspects of the wind - I appreciate your kind words too - thanks for participating! ( Kathleens stick together :) )

  6. Yes, the winds can be a metaphor for the changes in our lives.

  7. ha. perhaps that big wind needs to give us more reasons to pray you know...I have hit the gulf stream several times riding in a plane...and it can be terrifying...nice blend in of music in this as well Kathy...

  8. ah, yes - the winds of change... some winds come about unexpectedly, others we prepare for... either way has its own feeling of goodness depending on which way you turn... smiles

  9. Gone with the Wind is my favorite novel so it was fun to see it referenced in your piece--as well as the others titles you worked in!


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