Friday, May 15, 2015

The Color of Emotion

At today, Bjorn asks us to write about opposites....of any kind....

Blood spattered is
50 shades of red -
only God knows how many
 tucked into a rainbow,
splashed in an emotional field 
 How deep the Red Sea ?
How inviting, the red lantern's
warm glow!

The flamingo's blush
feather coat is easy on the eye -
as is nature's bed of greens,
browns, and blues
 that anchors us
Tall reeds of sea grass thrive
 in a cool smooth lake,
 a mottled grosbeak nearby

Red tomato, hot tamale!
A bonfire spits skyward -
the green flame,
 jealousy discarded
Red is the wood of my violin 
that plays "you left too soon"
Red velvet is the night
against the moon

Colors azure, peach, sand
and sage - palette of the beach
keeps us sane,
as do hazy earthen rows
of homes and trees on a
Tuscan plain, muted
 paintings, masterpieces of art...
red is the color that reigns

 Jutting from my ankles,
although blue, red is the
blood running through my veins
The same can be said, it's true,
about the color of my heart
Red the velvet rose petals
against my cheek,
strewn on a pillow on a bed

Crayola's red is dull,
it's boldness taken away
Red is understood -
banner for ire, vendetta, hate -
but not for its transparency
 Lipstick on a collar, burnt sienna
blood stains on the sheets -
regrettable memories

Warm saffrons, magenta,
pinks have their place,
as does indigo -
but neutral colors and yellow
stand for nothing political
and I do believe them to be
......spiriting grace


  1. You have really played well with the significance of a variety of colors in this poem, Kathy. Lots of contrasts and anthithesis.

  2. I love this journey through colors.
    My favorite:
    "Red is the wood of my violin
    that plays "you left too soon"
    Red velvet is the night
    against the moon"

  3. Love what you did with the red here. It runs with the force of a river.. Love how you played the extreme of death and love. There is a lot of power in this poem.

  4. /red is the color that reigns/ indeed, the vibrant blushing throbbing power color. At the office, when I was feeling good, I would wear a red shirt/red tie combo; have always loved red vehicles. Excellent use of phrase & subtle contrast here. Great response to the prompt, brought new blood to the poetic party.

  5. This is such a beautiful blog--another sea/beach lover; and I notice you're in Lakewood (I'm in Lynnwood).

    1. Thank you...I just wrote on your blog.

  6. The "palette of the beach
    keeps us sane"---this is so lovely :-) So many examples here of what color means, what color represents, what emotions it evokes...stunning.

  7. This is a wonderful exploration! Unfortunately, because of the header, I could not read the first three lines. My favorite stanza is the third one.

  8. red always inflames passion - and poetry ~

  9. A color for the day.. a color for the senses.. a color sings emotions.. and a palette of all
    for life as is.. in rainbow delight.. and so much more.. where colors tread to live in
    splashes of wonder to delight..:)


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