Friday, October 23, 2015

Ancient petroglyphs

Meant for a previous prompt for asked us to write about hieroglyphs..he had posted several.

Lines and curves drawn,
 dots and curlicues,
markings in colors of clay;
drawings embedded in
star-studded terrain
of rock and petrified wood
Stories writ of love and war,
survival understood.                                            
carved in stone;
a hunting party,
people in quest
of their own destiny
The desire to communicate-
writings, no less,
of a way of living -
to be discovered
at a future age,
figures swimming, fighting,
signs of the times,,

Language from the past,
when hands whispered words and
what was dreamed about
back then
 - hope shouted out loud
Scribbles translated,
messages of life and death,
culture and laws,
maps to universal truths

Charcoal arrows point to
rustic blood-stained
 on walls
by terrified souls,
Mysteries uncovered as the
wheel of time turns,
reflections of life
breathing more life,
era after era,
eon after eon.

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