Thursday, June 9, 2016

Can you hear (see) me now?

What innovations lie ahead
as cell phone capabilities advance?
Our main connection
to our friends, they're handy
for news at a glance;
for emergencies,
aid is close at hand
Faster, pulses race!
What about a slower,
more personal pace?

What about a more intimate touch,
meaningfulness, for which we yearn;
deep conversations,
innovative ideas, great notions,
beauty to discern
Is it enough or too much -
to make life easier,
to now and then allow us to win a game
Siri of iphone fame understands
it just won't be the same

Now when a man asks Siri,
"May I see your breasts?"
she responds with...
"That question does not compute."
For expressions of love,
there is just no substitute
Imagine a future when she appears-
an apparition in front of you,
gives you a sexy glance
and a tender kiss
A chance at romance
But don't expect me to care;
unless, to make it fair,
there would also be an app
from a man called Lance,
who answers with a deep voice-
lets me touch his hardened abs
It would be, of course,
a socially redeeming
and enhanced app -
under the circumstance,

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