Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Southern Comfort...

At We are writing about statues, breathing life into one of our choosing


At midnight, soft moonlight
accents her halo
where in the garden she stands
balancing, with each arm,
two bowls, 
offering water
and seeds to the birds
Long ago, she was named Wendy,
by people who commissioned the work
of this lovely maiden
in her stone skirt...
could she have known Captain Hook
and Peter Pan?

The hauntingly young girl 
had ironically 
just begun to live
when 'Old Black Magic' cast a spell 
her way
Locals subjected her 
to embellished stories 
of forbidden fruit and gossip
In awe, they imagined
who she was
Why did she die so young?
Was she a victim of 
a bizarre or elaborate plot?

She attracts photographers
and dreamers alike
Like the scale of justice and Libra
Her tilted head pose 
and winsome gaze
could mean a choice was made 
between "Good' and Evil"?
Her posture could symbolize
a fork in the road, 
or a road not taken?

Arms bent at the elbow, 
in a park in the deep south,
mystery lies in folds of her attire,
 untold secrets covered
with new green moss
On one hand, 
it could imply unrequited love; 
on the other hand,
suggest she met a nefarious fate
In Savannah live characters
 of all kinds 
where Voodoo has a way 
of influencing things
In the inscription
carved in the footstone,
 it reads not of  suspense or murder
or illness, 
but states her ordinary yet artful
tapioca resolve

We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the lord.
Corinthians II


  1. This is lovely....I especially like "...her artful, ordinary tapioca resolve...." Use of the word "tapioca" is extraordinary here. Yes, this is more descriptive that Wendy speaking and wondering; or her sculptor wondering and speaking....perhaps the voice is of a passing sculptor many years later..wondering about Wendy -- what was meant to be and how she became.
    Beautiful words here.

  2. This is wonderful, just like a poem you do not fully understand there has to be a mystery inside... something to tell you there's something left decoding... You can spin a novel just imagining.

  3. Kathy, I love your double play with "on one hand...on the other hand" here. And that crazy-awesome-unexpected word: tapioca. Astounding really, and delightfully so.

  4. love the flow of your magic words and the intriguing narrative...

  5. Oooh this is absolutely dream-like :D excellent write.

  6. It would be interesting to know her story too Kate. I hope it's to a road not taken or unrequited love, and not something more sinister.

  7. Oh dear, which is which? Was she good or evil? A road not taken or an unrequited love? Beautifully written, Kath! :)

  8. Your interpretation of this statue conveys much to the reader, offering possibilities for us to ponder. Thought provoking and exquisite!


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