Wednesday, June 22, 2016


To the tune of the song Summertime in Porgy and Bess, I've written another version of how it might read; I doubt there is nothing quite like the original, however....such images it evokes!

Summertime, and the cool lake beckons me
Days are lazy, and fireflies are nigh
A pole to push 'n' pull the raft round the bend
Feel the breeze blowing,
hear the magpies cry

Summertime, and the earth hums tenderly
barefeet and rain, and smell the crayfish fry
Bait on a hook, as you lean against a tree
bees making honey,
kisses your nose, a butterfly



  1. Gershwin will inspire every time. I consider composers as musical poets. So they would qualify in this exercise. I tend to gravitate to Lennon through his lyrics and poetic works. A beautiful scene you've sculpted here, Kathy

  2. And - big sigh. Makes me wish for long languid summer days...such a beautiful song, such a beautiful reprise of it.

  3. Wonderful tribute to the Gershwin Brothers. Ahhhh, a nice cool lake or beach to jump into. Wonderful indeed.

  4. As soon as I read the first line the song started playing in my head...and no doubt it will stay there all day. Lovely take on Gershwin's.

  5. I think you have painted a wonderful summertime ease... and give me some crayfish anytime...

  6. I found this poem quite lovely.

  7. How wonderful to use a song as your poetic inspiration. The sound of the earth humming that is sweet!

  8. Lovely! And especially that butterfly kissing my nose :)

  9. Kathy, this is a lovely summertime poem, and it is so nice to read you again!!!!!!! You are in a beautiful spot, on Whidby beautiful....Thank you for your very kind comment on my is my black wolf who died, that I am mourning...I called him my boy often.......we had a deep connection, and I miss him. I am glad you have not lost your son. Such a loss is nearly impossible to recover from, I imagine..............thank you for reading and liking my poem. I so appreciate it.

    1. I am so sorry to have misunderstood...nevertheless, a stunning poem you wrote. Thanks for stopping by, Sherry!!


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