Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How stars are born..

Posting today over at imaginerytoads website where you will find more poetry with ditties and other images of frogs and stories..

Within the sanctuary of the soul
abides a spark,the innermost ache of
love -
infinite stories of all the ages,
joys, tribulation, sculpted images
of shed tears 
And when one feels forsaken, and does not
fathom the reasoning why, miracles

Acceptance transforms us, in contrast, to
a state of sheer delight in living through
grace -
light from trillions of stars touches us, spills
into our divine space, and splashes our
into tapestries of art all around,
surrendering to the echoing songs
of eternity


  1. I would so much love to sit under the stars.. But here it's almost never possible.. It's either too much daylight or too cold.

  2. I like it, our spark uniting with all the star light in the universe and beyond. The same could be said (but not very poetic thoughts come to mind) about all the radio waves transmitted by all the intelligent beings with their broadcast stations wherever they might be. Huh? But really there are entities who constantly scan the frequencies for intelligent radio transmission beyond our planet.
    Sometimes I sit under the stars, most generally to watch a forecasted meteor shower.

    1. It gets kind of complicated out there! I also look for the meteor showers. Thanks.

  3. love the image of the light of stars filling our divine space. Feels like a throwback to a lot of Sagan's ideas. Nicely done !

  4. These are very fine lines indeed.

  5. This is delightful, filled with the magic of an evening spent under the stars.

  6. It is wonderful to contemplate such a thing happening. Thanks. k.


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