Wednesday, August 17, 2016



...where we write today about sounds of love...


In Malaga, 
lips quietly sipped wine
Strings, piano, 
and bandoneon unearthed inside her 
new thunder, penetrated tender 
chambers of her heart 
Bodies, boots and heels 
tangoed an angry, yet innocent 
poetic cadence, 
resonating across shiny tile floors

Rustic arias 
floated in the night,
descending on the terrace 
of Torremolinos, 
where they stayed
Noise of clanging swords embattled 
in Quixotic dreams of chivalry 
echoed in her delicate ears,
her senses overcome with images 
of giant windmills

She was not deaf to 
the sonic whispers of dolphins,
or the sighs of distinguished red roses 
rising to screams of pleasure, 
then cascading over 
the garden gate.
From a church above, 
morning bells tolled
lingering till the hum of release

She awoke in the arms of her lover
overlooking the Costa del Sol


  1. I love the sense of presence, of being there with all those sounds... sometimes the sound of love is that stage where it happens I think... and Cost del Sol sounds like a perfect place.

    1. is one of many I am sure ;) glad you liked it.

  2. Oh Kathy, I'm so glad you posted! Don't believe I've met you before but so love this photo atop your blog. And I smiled reading the history of your blog -- smile from an aging compatriot. I think of myself as rejuvenated, not retired. Why be tired again?
    This is a lovely lovely poem. I especially like the stanza with the dreams of chivalry -- swords and tipping windmills. A reference to the Man from La Mancha character -- can't quite remember his name? You've set the stage so beautifully here. The tango, angry yet innocent -- perfect!

    1. You may have read some of my work before I changed the theme photo on the blog..everything else is the same, so maybe it was another Lillian?? Cervantes' book "Don Quixote" with his companion Sancho Panza. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. You have been missed! Glad to have you back. Ths is a lovely and lyrical poem and so full of exotic sounds. So many wonderful sounds in this. Such a presence being felt.

    1. I have missed hanging out here, too, Toni...crazy summer. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Highly passionate and descriptive, Kathy! Love resounds here!

  5. Oh yay :D what a fabulous poem Kathy, its absolutely stunning! Welcome back! :D

    1. Thank you so much...hope I can keep up the pace, at least a post a week anyway.

  6. Nostalgia of Love
    SinGS SonGs
    of FeeLinGS
    allone.. noW
    all connected
    iS all that Is..
    no reaSon
    to FeeL
    Love RinGs aLLonE..:)

  7. I admire the poetic cadence floating in your words Kathy. The sense of place, puts me in a really romantic mood. How lovely to wake up in the arms of the lover.

  8. I loved the imagery you painted with your words in this piece. It makes the reader feels as if they are there watching the scenes unfold.

    1. Sound is a big part of life's intangibles. Thank you.

  9. Windmills! I thought so, had to reach back for that one from when I spoke more Spanish. :) I enjoyed this piece, painting a whole evening in sound. Thank you!

  10. Just an incredibly beautiful piece, Kathy.

  11. Oh, this is glorious, especially the closing stanza...I love the sonic whispers ofthe dolphins and the screams of pleasure of the cascading roses.....loved it!

  12. I love the images provoked by your poem! Dolphns and Roses.....


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