Thursday, September 15, 2016

Three Clerihews

At today we are asked to write as a challenge, a Clerihew, a poetic form invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley (187 5 - 1956)  It is a short and fun biographical verse with two rhyming couplets.

       Amal married George Clooney
       He certainly is no gooney
       She wears tailored two piece suits
       Her persona was enough to seduce


       Most traveled was Marco Polo
       He sailed and explored the world solo
       From his escapades inspiration was drawn
       What women did he discover in the land of Khan?


        Oh, how I loved Santa Claus,
        his rosy cheeks and schnozz
        Always jolly, in his red suit ate popcorn
        His whiskers like a snowstorm





  1. three interesting choices and three entertaining clerihews. :)

  2. very good, well thought out pieces. Congrats,

  3. Nice variety here and I love the snowstorm whiskers.

  4. Three well-known personalities at different times but made a great impact together. Wonderful offering Kathy!


  5. Ah.. what a good set of men for us all to be envious of... Love em all, but most Marco Polo.. though as you hint he might not always been solo.

  6. Oh, heavens. Not often you get to see the rhyming of "Claus" and "schnozz." I think you have just made my day. ;)

  7. Good choices, Kathy, your Santa Claus "biography" was particularly charming!

  8. Excellent uses of the form, K. We all got into a near limerick mood with this one, & it appears lots of smiles appeared during the writing; smile.

  9. Loved them all, especially Santa Claus. My next collection are poems written of, on, about and "by" Santa Claus. So I have an infinity for that one, Kathy! Well done.

    1. I would like to read those. Thank you.

  10. What a great mix of men to write about! Santa is real, right?! :)

  11. Love all three! Especially Santa Claus' schnoz :) LOL


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