Friday, January 6, 2017

Seasons of a gang of elk...

Today we are writing  a Choka over at has a long Japanese history and is made up of un-rhymed lines or  5 and 7 syllables and can be any length.  Nature's four seasons are represented in the one I wrote below.


Sunshine's cutting bent 
on snow, sounds of surefooted
elk moving closer,
finding where the group gathers,
striking a still pose 
Winter bells ring in the spring;
when hearts break in spite 
of flowers' desire to grow,
 supported at both 
ends by millions of stars on 
strings of gold. When it
must rain we need umbrellas
so as not to miss 
hearing the band when malaise
sets in for summer
Only God knows what colors, 
hues, shades and shadows to use
Steal away time to
look for the hidden rainbows,
hear the crunch of fall


  1. The colors of winter seems so dull, yet they are there somewhere... hibernation of a palette

  2. Gayle Walters RoseJanuary 6, 2017 at 1:47 PM

    There are so many beautiful lines in your poem, Kathy..."Winter bells ring in the spring," and "millions of stars on strings of gold." The elk look so majestic with their huge antlers. Thanks for sharing today.

  3. I like the references of all the 4 seasons Kathy ~ Can't wait to see those flowerings growing again ~

  4. 'millions of stars on strings of gold' - what a lovely image. The seasons lend themselves well to this form. Beautiful work!

  5. Lovely setting for a winter Choka. Very lovely.

  6. I love the gorgeous pallete you have painted with here! Winter is so lovely, love all the gorgeous shades of snow and nature.


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