Friday, February 17, 2017

Crystal Avalanche

Crystal Avalanche by Barbara Andolsek

Walking into my dream,
 a gigantic white avalanche
spraying outward
I am the volcanic explosion
of a white mountain
Angry, my lungs scream
my chest aches;
impelled to escape the turmoil 
of my existence thus far

Voices scoff and scorn me
to never come back;
forces pluck at me, pull me apart 
like pork, rip my body
into shreds in brutal 
tearing motions,
never to speak to me again
In a flash I am flying freely
fleeing a supremacist's 
no man's land

Riding my kite's tail as it
soars into crystal ice blue sky,
I pass through sunset in a bottle
 of a marmalade mosaic
As I hold on, winds carry me
far above the snow water,
beyond my wildest
expectations to land
softly amidst love's first light

Attracted like magnets
drawn together by similar politics,
we lay semi-naked in white
chenille robes and ruby silk sheets
He is handsome, stable,
half my age, of another race
we are not a disgrace
His arms protective and strong,
his finger soothes as it traces
my face

In an awake state of illusive exultation,
I find love is ALIVE, I Am  ALIVE!!

At   we are writing with EXPRESSIONISM...expressing art with bold feelings of love, hate, anger, other emotions.



  1. vivid imagery to your expressionism - especially love the marmalade mosaic

  2. walking into your dream with you was a heady experience - thanks. I love the ending

  3. This starts off with a dream and ends up being awake. I like the capitalizing of "ALIVE" at the end and these lines: "Attracted like magnets
    drawn together by similar politics" I would not have thought politics would have been the cause of such an attraction, but in retrospect I suppose it works.

  4. This is wonderful magnetic, and especially the marmalade mosaic which make me think of an expressionistic sky..

  5. "sunset in a bottle of marmalade mosaic" totally captures my fancy, as well as "riding my kite's tail". Wonderfully descriptive nuggets to be found here!

  6. Wow! I love the dreamescape specially these gorgeous lines:

    Riding my kite's tail as it
    soars into crystal ice blue sky,
    I pass through sunset in a bottle
    of a marmalade mosaic

  7. 'I pass through sunset in a bottle
    of a marmalade mosaic'

    Startling colors pour out in this dreamy poem, which does justice to the art.

  8. The ending is tremendous, taboo almost. Getting someone half your age and not caring about convention.

  9. I just love this and your spirit that shows within! Sounds good to me! (I'm 62, 63 in May, I still feel 50.)

    1. Thank you so much..glad you related to this. I will turn 70 soon. ;)


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