Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Letting go


At dversepoets.com  today we are writing for Quadrille Monday, a quadrille of 44 words, one of which is balloon or something about a balloon.

So happy was I,
balloon tied to my wrist;
delighted smiles put to my lips
April love's delighted
my heart strings
Releasing them now,
periwinkle and white,
in memory
of his chivalry
Knot in throat, teary-eyed,
float up to patchouli heaven,
out of sight


  1. Oh, I love "patchouli heaven."
    What a beautiful tribute.

  2. Nice description: Releasing heart strings and letting the memory float to patchouli heaven.

  3. luv the sweet scented memory

    much love...

  4. This is so lovely and full of emotion.

  5. I too love that: patchouli heaven Katy.

  6. So eloquently expressive and touching.

  7. Yes a heaven like this must be divine to send a balloon to.

  8. Releasing those heartstrings in a balloon--no going back from there.

  9. I might just be weird, but I love when a poet uses a word I have to look up. I didn't know what patchouli meant, but now I do. Thanks. Plus I enjoyed the poem.


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