Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Into the Woods...

Nature is our subject today as we explore from the perspective of something in nature giving giving it a voice.

Walking in the woods,
I came upon a scene, laid
bare for only me
to see, platinum moon beams
cast into forest's deep sleep,
a spotlight spilling
into mysteries

Disturbing ancient charred tree
trunks, fallen trees, imposing
on the privacy
of a rare mushroom fungus,
heretofore unseen
Secrets kept among
old lichen and moss;
muskrats, owls and deer
camouflaged in shades of green 
and grey, newly awakened,
naked and still

Aware of specters
in the glowing grotto clearing,
might never be the same, 
where likely no human stood 
before, a unicorn's resting place
I love a moonlight sonata,
moonshining on my face


  1. The forest can get very dark at night. Caves are darker, of course, but the fainter moonlight through a forest could make one think of unicorns.

  2. so magical and fulfilling...Nature is That...most beautifully captivated....

  3. Spooky for sure, with just the right elements of fantasy & macabre moonlight. As a kid, I would prowl the forest unafraid. Mow there's danger in my backyard. I, too, would love to find /a unicorn's resting place."

  4. What a magical place you painted here. :-)

    ~ Imelda

  5. deep in the woods, in the heart of nature.

  6. I felt like I was in the forest as you have painted it so well with life, light and earthy tones.

  7. A deep mystical walk into the woods ~ I like the moonlight sonata, moonshining on my face~

  8. Oh! a resting place for unicorns. And yet the forest is a mixture of beauty and creepy at time. I liked this.

  9. What a mystical place, a dream maybe, where deep within there are unicorns.

  10. Secrets kept among
    old lichen and moss;
    muskrats, owls and deer
    camouflaged in shades of green

    All the wonders of colors beneath the forest floors for one to discover!


  11. You took me along on a magical journey, and I loved every single minute!


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