Friday, March 31, 2017

Madame Democracy

Belied by her soft
pink verdigris shoulders,her
strength rose out of sheer need
She grew to know men in a
world she cared so to guide
who came to kiss her hand
She skillfully drew men to her side
In her drab wardrobe's
pockets and sleeves, she hid secrets
for peace in her land

It took centuries
for her ideas to be heard;
eliciting help
from billions -
workers, inspired wordsmiths and
musicians, doctors
and scholars
the almost perfect plan for
her dreams
All doors leading to her caused
more doors to open,
and the more people she took
into her home.
A selflessness was born

A miracle, some say, she
survived as long as she did;
the shame of it all
for selling to the highest
bidder, bigotry and fear
In the name of God,
they betrayed her, took away
her pride; they traded her crown
crumbling in the harbor for
a statue of gold
She could have endured many
millenniums had
her ideas been saved, her
values abided by
Her energy saved for
hardest battles fought;
rough currents ebbed
and flowed about her,
she was a Princess of Tides
Far from raising the world up,
they failed to maintain
her legacy, her dreams
were half realized
Most had faith she would
live on and on, but she died


We are writing about irony today....


  1. Nice irony with at least two different interpretations, one literal and the other allegorical.

    1. Thanks for your prompt as it helped get some things off my chest.

  2. isn't it an irony that a miracle should die specially when "more people she took / into her home / A selflessness was born"? we always hope that good sense prevails in the world...sigh...

    1. disconcerting and sad..thanks for stopping by Sumana

  3. A timely poem, but one with little hope. Let us pray the pendulum swings.

  4. It's an irony that you can stomp up hatred for the best value that creates a nation... This is truly like shooting yourself in the foot.

  5. A fine write, a timely poem and I echo Bjorn's comment.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  6. So sad indeed after all the sacrifices she gave away for the better lives of all ~ Good one Kathy`

  7. ya know - i do hope that she gets up again - in a time like this we need her more than ever!!

    1. I know what we are going through is nothing like the third Reich and the wall in must l look like a tragic comedy from the other side of the Atlantic.....;)

  8. This begins so lyrically and then deftly turns to a tragic warning at the end -- an effective transition that hopefully acts to remind us of what we have and to not let it disappear. ~peace, Jason


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