Tuesday, July 16, 2013

To curtsy or to bow..

It's Open link night at dversepoets.com today where we are celebrating the two year anniversary of this supportive and welcoming worldwide poetry website...
We love parades,

adhering to elaborate traditions, 
pomp and circumstance;   
ceremonies seem oh so relevant,
but why are the Who's Who 
of an empire, heads of state, 
uniforms, polo 
and prominent noses important?
What about who designs planes,
who runs in the special Olympics,
or what about a man on the moon?
Isn't the balance of power out of balance?
What does it mean to want to be top dog, 
to eat from a silver spoon?
Britain's monarchy is at the center -
with a stigma of being Stuffy, finding change difficult yet
However, we love kind, down to earth Queen Elizabeth; 
we remember her beautiful sister, Princess Margaret
They began their reign with important reforms -
Optimism above all, expressing a need to be
near the people, dedication and service
People love having their lives linked with affection 
and loyalty - and royalty remains
as set examples to emulate -
of virtues and artful living, caring for one another
Even though she lives in a palace in London, 
she gives her 100%; she put up with The Beattles
burning holes in her rug with cigarettes
So the future king or queen will be borne this week,
to perpetuate the family's domain;  
Surely a prince or princess will resemble William and Kate,
let's hope he or she is a cute baby,
for often it's not the case 
when two such attractive people mate
I hope in spite of all the pandering and ceremony, 
there is kind of normalcy;
for with new leaders of a kingdom
the marked emphasis now should be
the content of one's character, 
not what weight the crown in jewels or gold, 
nor taste in hattery.
Kings of old may have acted insanely;
today their soundness of mind will lead 
us into the future;
And when the new baby arrives,
we will salute him or her,
pray goodness and mercy
shall follow as the old is replaced with the new. 
Soon we will know whether to bow or curtsy -
whether the royal diapers will be pink or blue


  1. The whole world is watching. I think everyone enjoys watching the comings and goings of the British royalty. I am betting on pink diapers. Smiles. And also that another baby will follow soon. I am glad the queen is still alive to greet this baby.....she has had a remarkable time as queen.

  2. smiles...will be interesting to see...a need to be near the people is a good thing in royalty for sure...so they dont forget...smiles...and character, truly important in any leader...

  3. It's a nice thing when a baby is born...I'm not a big royal watcher but do have a fascination with the monarchy. I loved it the other day when the Queens horse won a race...her surprised face was priceless. She does put in 100% that's for sure...it will be a lovely day.

  4. The balance seems way out of balance these days... Love the tone in this!

  5. ...ah, i am as excited & yes --- speculative... my heart is sweet for babies but my eyes are still round to watch. for the succeeding ones... smiles...

  6. Ah yes! they are in the limelight. The Palace has a legacy of its own!

  7. Wow.. interesting. you well captured the need of monarchy to be dynamic with time.. :-)


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