Saturday, August 24, 2013

Drifting away to Djibouti...

Dreams unrealized 
drift against green grey silk 
pillows oft cried in;
no more pulled covers over her head
while she sleeps,
as Kingdoms transition and fall -
even under the most 
abiding skies...
The good ship "false hope"
steams across safe harbor's bay;
mirages of new truths appear
o'er jeweled seas of 
love and trust,
where gossamer fork-tongued 
bridges span years of time.
Ninety degrees west of there -
floating colors in hula hand waves, 
 pinwheels of childhood,
and farther still, shorelines 
that embroider her name - places like 
Spain and Djibouti 
Upon awakening she turns and 
looks from whence 
she once came
and stares at the world anew,
 sees things no longer are the same;
finding wars she did not expect,
lies she lived in others' eyes -
feeling betrayed
Roses bearing full weight 
of droplets held that wait to 
be cried down again, 
washing away her signature
from the sands of time,
freeing her soul 
from pain

This was a fun exercise as Claudia today asked us to write about one of the paintings by 
Judith ClayBoth are from Germany and we see the fairy tale and whimsical traits they both have in their respective talents.  Read more over at


  1. The good ship "false hope"
    steams across safe harbor's bay;
    mirages of new truths appear
    o'er jeweled seas of
    love and def have to watch those fork tongue bridges as well....and i wonder how many would say they did not expect all that...

    and the middle schooler trapped inside me loves to say djibouti...hahaha

  2. Good question Brian! I'm glad you liked it...and I love to pronounce the word Djibouti also!

  3. you pack a lot into this...the unrealized dreams... the false hope ship... the mix of dream and reality and how life takes us along unexpected roads sometimes... yet in all there's a peacefulness... this is one of my fav pics by her as well

  4. Oh I love this picture, what a wonderful poem you wrote for it...So much in it but yet it still holds that dream like feeling...a great combination.

  5. washing away her signature
    from the sands of time,
    freeing her soul
    from pain

    There is a finality bringing relief of wanting to be free to a close! Nicely Katy!


  6. "The good ship "false hope" : steams across safe harbor's bay;" Two of many lovely lines Katy!

  7. It's a great dream, of life and love. Maybe she will get over disappointment and live her dreams someday. Good writing

  8. I too was going to mention that good ship 'false hope.' Much different than the Good Ship Lollipop, I think. Enjoyed the progression in this poem and that at the end the soul is freed from pain.

  9. I love the transition from sleeping to awakening ~ Some things may be the same but we see them with new eyes and hopefully brings her away from pain ~

  10. Oh if the blessed dreams were true... but at least we live in the middle between those gilded dreams and the monsters of nightmare.

  11. "Upon awakening she turns and
    looks from whence
    she once came
    She stares at the world anew,
    sees things no longer are the same;"

    Love this! Amazing job and so soul engaging...really enjoyed!

  12. You've done such a good job of depicting that feeling of hopelessness that seems to weave its way into our lives at time. "The good ship 'false hope'--an apt description of it. I often feel like avoiding the news, yet we have a responsibility to know what's going on, even if much of the time we are powerless to do much other than pray. And vote.

  13. ....good for her... to take the courage to free herself... it's not an easy thing to do .... but once done the sky is yours to carry your wide spanning wings --- bolder & ready to love again... smiles... loved this....

  14. love the "gossamer forked-tongued bridges" Beautiful poem!

  15. So talented! Your blog looks great!

  16. Nice to see you Rosemary ;) thank you.


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