Monday, December 30, 2013

Rock, paper, scissors...

Sleepy lids close like dull curtains
awareness changes to deep REMs                         
I am sitting on Saturn's rings
  feeling like mercury sliding
traveling supersonic speeds,
  seems like millions of miles per hour;
 luscious drops of lemon frosting
   landing on my extended tongue 
while toes prance balancing the edge
  of space, smiling stars greeting me
while painted planets deliver 
  everyday birthdays on moonbeams,
benevolent rays of spun gold,
 glittering orbs of platinum                                             

Then abruptly I am frozen,
  halted from that jettisoned state 
a motionless gold panned nugget
  from warm silk to solid cold rock,
feeling free on that steely ride,
  then becoming a naked knot
of ore in a finished train crash
  becoming solid asteroid
Fearful of this recurring dream,
  I awoke crumpled in my bed,
 got up, went to my mother's room -
I couldn't tell her where I'd been
  I was the earth's cold beginning
before it's fire lit deep inside -
  How I became the smooth lava
flowing from where the earth first stirred
  Then how suddenly turned into
solid  unsculpted stone statue 
  with extraordinary knowledge
of how it actually feels 
to be inanimate, yet still
  have a range of human feelings
catatonic, without a voice
Recalling those childhood nightmares
 when into mother's room I ran,
to be comforted, but instead
  they returned again and again         
In this life full of conundrums
  are we to learn just how things end..                               
except what good and evil lurk
  in labyrinths of complexity?
What is the point to be made if
  there's no reason for anything? 
Will we find that illusive peace?


  1. questions where the answers.. always seem just out of reach...

  2. that would be pretty amazing to be inanimate yet have feelings...the fear and awe kinda crash together in that....will we ever find peace....i dunno, i hope but it would take a coming together beyond anything we have ever imagined....

  3. thanks, Brian...can you tell me anything about the traffic source Lately it shows I'm getting a lot of hits from them but they don't register on my individual posts, just as a general stat...must be a product of a kind of junk mail?? thought you might have a clue ;)


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