Friday, December 20, 2013

winter solstice / driftwood dreams

cold clear day, sunny beach,                                            
ears frozen -                
just yesterday;
sugar coated earth, trees, 
two inches fell from heaven
 warmer  tomorrow -
 where driftwood logs
 hug grassy paths,                                                                  
 footprints of tiny hurried feet                                              
 disappear with high tide;                                                                                                               
                                           aware I am 
                                           of ripples in time -                  
                                           i feel the world pivoting                 
                                           from it's heart's fulcrum;
 i am dreamily caught in
 time's stunning, hushed, ancient measure..


  1. once again... I sit in Northern climes surrounded by pine trees and snow but you take me to the sea with your words...

  2. Thank you...I am not used to posting unless it's for a prompt anymore, so traffic is much slower; I appreciate your stopping by and I'm glad you liked the poem.

  3. Oh, I would like to be in view of a sunny beach today, even if it would be cold. I do think being at a beach causes us to reflect on the passing of time!

  4. what beautiful words and lovely shots, wishing you a very Merry Christmas

  5. Dear Kathy

    FIrstly, I want to thank you for your lovely message..and secondly to say how much I have enjoyed reading your recent posts. It is uncanny that I sit here, at a desk along the coast of Australia, with a view to the Pacific Ocean through a thick growth of nordic pines. I had to smile, the photo you show at the top of this post is the very same that I saved for a Christmas post. Great minds think alike! So wonderful to make a connection again....and I am intrigued by your island. Sending you warm wishes for a wonderful Christmas my friend...the very best to you and yours... Jeanne xx

  6. nice of you to post, Jeanne...two years ago I never would have thought I would have a blog which was read by twp people from disparate places (Australia and Canada here today) where the beach was shared...let alone more all over the world on other occasions..mind-boggling is the internet and technology these day, enabling us to converse as we now do ;-)

  7. You've made a few changes since my last visit and I'm liking them very much. I'm happy you've posted a photo of the present day Eyrie house, it looks wonderful and mysterious. And I always enjoy your written word. Wishing you a joyful season and a healthful new year.

  8. this has a wonderful soft and peaceful flow... a peaceful knowing and being safe and carried in an ever changing world... wishing you a blessed and peaceful christmas time katy..

  9. thank you claudia and I wish you the very same peaceful and blessed christmas which is hours away...

  10. nice...i love the beach...and at christmas it is usually so many textures to enjoy...between the sand and smoothed sand christmas tree as well...


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