Sunday, January 19, 2014

 For The Sunday Swirl, my first time contributing to this site
with words provided by Brenda...thought I'd give it a try today -


Her conjured spirit lifts as grape scented smoke;
gifts of trinkets sit upon the wood mantle -
neglected dust rises
Humble servant she, saves golden curls 
in her pocket, collects ethereal messages
Wandering into the back garden,
bending to smell the flowers, 
twining their stems gently in her fingers
 till they snap,
she lays them in her maiden's cap;
All things she rests near a robin's new nest,
and as in lifetimes before she sighs -
for it's the first day of spring


  1. It's interesting the spirits of young girl and the bird are very close here..~ I'm glad you're inviting the spring in the poem.

  2. ah wonderful...i wish it was, ha...this had childlike faith/play in it too...the making of those flower crowns, belief all will be well come spring....i believe....smiles.

  3. such a beautiful first day of spring too:)

  4. a little sign of spring would be most welcome here... :)

  5. Well this is something to look forward to. Your gentle words spoke to all my senses. Great writing.

  6. Lovely poem. I'm ready for spring especially after reading this.

  7. a delightful read; have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  8. What a lovely poem, katy. Thanks for the extremely nice comments on my blog. I am having some troubles in my personal life right now, that is why it took so long to get here.



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