Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mother told me...

After a two week break
the poets are arriving 
at the pub door, eager 
to mingle with good cheer 
and hopes for the New Year...
stop in and read their poetry over at dversepoets.com
Mother said it's possible to love
more than one man in a lifetime -
the romantic in me disagreed,
but I loved them distinctly;
Each relationship had it's own flavor,
a song all it's own
Youthful senses, 
previously unknown, 
rushed love in with new kisses
(he's the one, it will last forever)
I won't get into the Prince Charming
thing, not here - but it helps
to know one's learning curve,
as in driving lessons,
or a growth chart -
from quick embraces in a church,
withered prom corsages,
wearing his class ring, and
notes passed in class
to beehive hair - too bad

Bouquet of tender mint blossoms,
a solo saxophone;
a falling in, like a tree into soft earth,
the miracle of kindling lit,
Burning slowly,
greenish blue to white,
reaching altitudes untraveled
where words take flight
The taste of honey recalls 
the hay in my hair,
horse nostrils at a county fair,
Tragedy spent some time, 
adding lines to my face 
as did laughter and mirth
Reaching for the moon,
we caught star after star;
for drama, and operatic measure,
there were lots of tests,
of time, maturity and trust -
A dozen red roses on my 50th
I won't say how many good men,
but less than 7 and more than 3,
then there is fate

Each interlude had it's allure,
a chain of hearts beating,
poised for romance forever
promises, comfortableness;
Bundles of feelings at stake,
and nowhere to go -                                      
early longing like 
the chartreuse weeping willow tree,
then the explosions of many suns
and ecstasy, not unlike
the gap between
dreams and reality
Long term is the meaning implied,
not sewing seams with uneven
ragged edges, but like
a wool sweater knit over time -

Nurturing skills learned 
make more room in the heart
for love to grow, exponentially -
Would it be to have had thousands 
of hand sewn days and nights together,
one soulmate,
creating a home for longevity
becoming a finished piece of work,
adorned with it's sublime shining 
threads of love's cooled embers,
fraught with a grown woman's passion
..it was not meant for me


  1. This is the second poem by you Katy that I have read and you are a very good poet. Your grasp of language is so impressive I have so much enjoyed reading this poem.

  2. Like that wool sweater, you have knitted a very fine poem about the evolution of love in a lifetime.

  3. I do think it is true that a person can love more than one in a lifetime. In fact, a lucky person that is, I think, who has that kind of opportunity. However, that being said, it is also very sad when something that had been thought to to last a lifetime ends for one reason or another. I like the idea of a 'wool sweater knit over time.'

    1. I know some couples married for 50 - 70 years and it's amazingly beautiful..and yes, I often wonder what might have happened otherwise, but I don't mean to complain..I've met some very good men (the other kind, too)

  4. I agree with your Mom for I have experienced it. This is a lovely piece of work!

    1. ..when your young I think it doesn't seem right or possible, but then I was given so many good examples of solid marriages. Thank you

  5. Each relationship has its own flavour & allure ~ The most important thing is to learn from them and treasure them as we grow older ~ Enjoyed this one Katy ~ Happy Tuesday ~

  6. i would hope we have the capacity to love more than one person in this life...though i would hope we can limit it to one at a time...smiles...maybe that is the romantic in me as well...i think that could go either way...if i go first and my wife has the opportunity to love i would hope she would take it....

    1. Yes, I first thought there was only one true love and it would all happen so naturally; not in my case, but I feel the same way you do...one at a time, but nice to have one to last a lifetime, like you and your wife, Brian. And it would make me happy if my partner were to find love again after I was gone.

  7. early longing
    like the chartreuse weeping willow tree

    Just beautiful and inspirational..agree with Michael, When you write a good one.. no one does it better. Worthy of all the superlatives one can laud you with. Makes me want to be a better writer...the greatest compliment you can receive from me.

    1. Oh my, to be honest, this started out a page long and I chopped it and diced it and took out so much that was not needed...your praise is much appreciated ...I think my poetry has evolved...I didn't realize it how much. Thank you!

  8. I believe we can love more than one person in life each has something different to offer.

  9. soulmates was the key word for me here... i think having such a deep connection is very rare... i do think as well that we can love more than one person in our life in that specific way, but probably not at the same time...

  10. Beautiful poem, Katy. Yes, I think we can love more than one. I had a long marriage (he passed) and we actually fell in love and out and in love again over the years. But through it all, we were best friends. We change over time and so does a long-term love. I want to come back and visit more of your poetry. I also like the look of your blog.

  11. Humankind is meant to be gregarious otherwise there is nothing to whet the appetite! Loving and getting involved is not the same as getting hitched so it is acceptable. Wonderful write Cathy!


  12. I like to think Mother's know best...love is not easy to write about, I suppose because it has been done so often, and so well...I liked it very much!

  13. People's paths are different. Mine somewhat like yours. Lovely write:)

  14. What lovely writing. I could feel the nostalgia and the melancholy. Each relationship teaches something, nurtures something and I like to believe it's never too late to find the most balance one.

  15. A life story of love.. And it can certainly grow.. Good advice from your mother...

  16. I enjoyed your reflection on loving more than once in a life time. "Nurturing skills learned / make more room in the heart / for love to grow, exponentially" - my favorite lines! I like the idea that love can grow this way.

  17. I need to read this more than once because there is a great deal packed into each line... fascinating subject , the poem has many nuances and places that promote thought... great write...

  18. tender and wise ~

  19. I very much enjoyed this. Ah, the many and varied faces of love. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Yes, the romantic in me always wanted to believe in "the one", but now I try and appreciate the beauty in knowing a few who have all contributed something to my life. I especially loved the willow tree reference - great writing.

  21. "adorned with it's sublime shining
    threads of love's cooled embers,"

    my favorite lines... beautifully penned... love does have many seasons

  22. I read your side bar "about me" first and I was completely mesmerized. And now this… I was so drawn in with your way of pondering and caressing this subject of love (one or many :) and I must say I am completely charmed! Your blog has such a lovely feel to it…

  23. One of the nicest compliments I've received...much appreciated, as I struggle all the time with re-writes and often doubt my work, but after 2 years at this blog I feel some of it is really good...some is so-so...and some perhaps I should not have posted;-) Thank you so much, Margaret (my mother's name) Have to say, I was 'feeling' this when I wrote it ...


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