Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Art and poetry as in Claudia -

Mary at dversepoets.com has asked us to write about fellow poet Claudia Shoenfeld's' artwork by choosing one of her watercolor sketches over at Flickr .......I chose 3 of them.

Once upon a time a lady
painted her self portrait as a quick exercise
From behind her sky blue tinted glasses
we see visions through her eyes
Her full ruby red lips symmetrical
sip coffee in the plaza where she sits,
sometimes on the ground;
she records in ink passersby,
traffic, details in a scene,
adding her own twist
She observes and translates
characters and their habits,
her sketch pad reveals subtle truths
She tells stories and write poems,
brings them to the pub to share
She is avante-guard, whimsical, and camp
Her artwork is like her poetry with
a certain savoir faire -
reflective, contemplative, upbeat;
she is unique, intelligent, a tiny bit kooky,
and we like her childlike imagination
Her sketch of St. Andrews draws the eye in;
feels like we are in a fairy tale,
not to mention her Van Gogh-like skyline
While she is a serious artist and poet
who communicates with grace,
she finds new hope without fail
Her freckles attest to her playfulness,
always hits the head of the nail
She works hard, is a mother and a wife,
has nothing but passion
for her family, for life
They just spent sweet time in bonney Scotland,
perhaps another honeymoon -
by the look of their feet in one painting,
one might deduce-
he's taller than she,
but her big toe looks like it could touch the moon!


  1. smiles.
    she is quite the lady
    and artist
    to boot...
    nice ode to her.

  2. That last bit about her big toe just gives it such an "up in the air" send off! Adore this.

  3. hahah... my big toe got a bit out of control in the painting... like things always seem to get out of control a bit in my art...smiles... thanks for that beautiful poem... ya know i would love to look like that lady in my sketch... and sitting somewhere in the city drinking coffee... anytime..ha..smiles

    1. I'm so glad you like it...I just made a couple of tiny changes in wording, fyi. I enjoyed writing this and love your Flickr stream!

  4. Lovely ode, and touching the sky with the toe.. Such small details making this a pleasure to read.. Wonderful

  5. You captured her well :) I love this.

  6. You have really captured the essence of Claudia's sketching, I think. Really there ARE similarities between her poetry style and her sketching/painting style as well. I like this:

    "Her artwork is like her poetry -
    reflective, contemplative, upbeat;
    unique, funny, a tiny bit kooky"

    So true!

  7. She records in ink passersby, traffic,
    She observes and translates characters
    and their habits,
    her sketch pad reveals subtle truths
    unique, funny, a tiny bit kooky...

    What a wonderful tribute to Claudia the poet and the artist! I love these 'moments of life' with plenty of loving detail - which you likewise pull off so well in this poem.

  8. a perfect ode to the artist and poet... "She is avante-guard, whimsical, / and camp"..a nice capture here...

  9. Wonderfully, so may of us have done essentially a tribute to Claudia, whom has shared so much with us over the years through her artwork & poetics. This is lovely, witty, heartfelt; loved it.

  10. Great write about a great lady. Nice tribute.

  11. This is a great poem and tribute. You have conveyed what I am sure most of us see when we read her words and see her art.

  12. Her freckles attest to her playfulness... such a fun poem and a wonderful characterization

  13. This is a lovely tribute to Claudia Kathy, beautifully done.

  14. This is wonderful. You sketched Claudia in words. I love how you noticed her huge toe. Wonder if that's how she sees herself?

  15. What a lovely ode to the artist Kathy ~ This is so heart warming to read, thank you ~

  16. how perfect and quaint...I think you have captured her well here. I like "observes and translates / characters."

  17. Her big toe touching the moon is a great line. I think the moon has already grafted itself onto her finger tips:)

  18. Fantastic ode to the artist! And you made such romantics of the big toe! Great write Kathy!



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