Saturday, August 30, 2014

Island town


For Open Link Night tonight I offer my interlocking Rubaiyat (set of quatrains) which was suggested by Bjorn for our last posting.  Also, at the last minute I am hurrying to send in my contribution for the anthology selection, so I will catch up with reading and comments later this evening over at ;-)

 Island Town

Island town, restful and serene
turns the hazed veil of summer's scene
Summer's end becomes autumn's spear
hot chocolate replaces ice cream

Island town after blue skies clear
sun sets low as a mouses ear,
painting cloudbanks a purple gray;
shadows crawl longer and nearer

Island guests part with grand soire
apple stands line the streets by day
offerings of mushrooms and mums
hot seafood chowder by the bay

Island town's ardor for arts seen
throughout the whole year following
rolling out its crafts galore and
keeping its homeland sequin green


  1. sun sets low as a mouses ear...smiles...i like that description...
    i dunno if i can give up ice cream just cause it is winter...just saying...smiles.
    when i lived in florida it was winter that brought all the tourists...snow birds
    we called them...wanting to get away from the was always a relief
    when they left and unclogged the roads...

  2. Ugh! I wrote. Comment and it disappeared... then I see Mr. Miller caught the same line as I ! Love that image! ALso the ice cream exchange for hot chocolate... whipped cream on top, though. ANd the tourists all leave and I have the beach to me, me, me. Selfish , I know. Happy Fall! Love this picture of season's end and new beginning.

  3. What a lovely setting you have described. Hot seafood chowder by the bay would be a real delicacy!

  4. I love the colors of the island town specially: Summer's end becomes autumn's spear ~ I enjoy fall but not what is following after that, winter, brrr.....~

  5. i love to go to places in the off-season... once went to brighton in november when all the tourists were away already...the places have a different spell then....more themselves - more peaceful

  6. I liked the 'mouse's ear' reference too Kathy. There are so many beautiful images in this poem. Loved it.

  7. We visited Cape May over Thanksgiving one year - the beaches were desolate, just the way I liked it,

  8. I love those summer places so much better by autumn once the summer frenzy is gone.. there is a blissful seriousness that I love, and yes the mouse's ear is a wonderful picture.

  9. love this celebration of the island town graced with so many beautiful images... :)

  10. I liked reading here. Very creative and matter of fact. Weel done form.

  11. i will never see a sunset without mouse ears... nice close to the summer season

  12. This reminded me of Swedish seaside resorts in September. There is nothing like this kind of places at the end of the summer season.

  13. Sounds like a lovely seaside community!

  14. It cannot be any better than to be having everything to oneself. No summer crowd is heavenly! Nicely Kathy!


  15. Lovely tribute to the return to normalcy in a summer resort after the departure of the summer crowd--

  16. I'm not sure hot chocolate could ever replace ice cream. Well, ok, outside at night :). I also live in a resort town, and looking forward to less traffic... ~

    1. ..well it had to rhyme with scene and serene..;_)

  17. You painted every color with the texture of leaving and the subtle splendor of approaching autumn. Their is within each line the joyous expectations of the native dweller waiting for that special communion with the sea and shore. Lovely.


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