Friday, February 6, 2015

His profession chose him..

He kept pushing numbers on the page,

then brashly across the chalkboard,
onto the ceiling, down the walls -
out the door

He caught lusty equations falling from the sky;

to desire something so passionately is to protect,
is to be jealous, is to love

He said "imagination is everything",

that falling in love was not caused by gravity,
a genius somewhere in time

Daring that simple math equals the inner

beauty of the universe, he experimented with 
infinity, invented the theory of relativity

A pioneer in his field,  he pushed symbols and 

words around, flipped them like pancakes in the air,
pushing, pushing for answers,
 ideas for the betterment of man          - Physicist -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Claudia's prompt is to select an occupation, choose 10 nouns about the proffession or job and 10 verbs that relate.  Combine and write.     

..another one; don't know if it's kosher to sneak this in as an will most likely go unnoticed

-Judge -

It was the new spring in his walk,
the fact he had no alibi
The court opined he would repeat 
the crime

His hand caught in the cookie jar,

as he reached for the fig newton
His lawyer is writing an appeal

Found guilty of stealing the donkey,
then disrobing at the ballet,
he was sentenced to endless hoeing of the yard

The judge listened in all fairness,
to all of the testimony; 
after much thought he decided 
the offender, who lived in the street 
simply wanted to be in jail


  1. I like this one Kathy specially:

    He said "imagination is everything",
    that falling in love was not caused by gravity,
    a genius somewhere in time

    How lucky that his profession chose him ~

  2. the opening line of your second stanza was simply delicious, "...lusty equations falling from the sky". I like how you took physics and made it a thing of joy and play. I think that Einstein would have been honoured by this!

  3. Imagination may not be everything, but it surely is important. Smiles. And I can't think of a better reason to push words than for the betterment of man. Cleverly written, Kathy.

  4. Imagination is the key to bringing a lot of great art to LIFE... lovely write :)

  5. smiles... i love einstein... i think he was so very clever and so down to earth... smart take here...smiles

  6. Einstein - what a man to challenge and simplify things. Yet so hard to understand, it takes imagination to challenge ways of thinking.

  7. Einstein, I deduce - though this poem would have fit my husband. On his deathbed he was trying to find a formula for the solution to cancer - I guess the right input didn't happen for him at the end, but for most of his life it did. I loved this. It was a beautiful life.

  8. I liked how you put poetry in science, Kathy. Great way to portray Einstein!

  9. good on him...numbers can be quite magical...especially when you start to see the patterns in them...
    and things start to really make sense...and the same with back understanding to all...

  10. Numbers are not my strong suit, but I so appreciate those who's it is!

  11. I like this:

    "Daring that simple math equals the inner
    beauty of the universe, he experimented with


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