Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fire and ice..

Tuesdays is Poetics day over at dversepoets.com      and the prompt is "snow". It's been tough in the East but here we've had just one snowfall which was beautiful and lasted just long enough for it to be thoroughly enjoyed.

Tiniest of soft quilts,
each patterned differently,
fall light grey against the pale moonlight (yes, at the same time)
Coolness lands on my flushed hot cheeks,
my tongue for them does reach
in childlike delight -
as when you and I did meet

Snowflakes accumulate,
cover the roads and lawn,
came our idea to build a snow faun
So hard to know just what to expect;
all melts and disappears
You held me closely but
there was no future perfect

With every first snowfall,
I recall how you lit my fire
In the past tense, but not forgotten,
the love we shared for a little while,
when under a blanket of snow we slept
Those years I do not regret -
for a long time, you in my heart I kept                                                                                                                                                            


  1. So hard to know just what to expect;
    all melts and disappears

    is the emotional line for me...also pairing it with them holding you...
    giving doubt to that....

    when I was young I ran notoriously high temps...still do, though few and far between...
    and during a snow storm one year, they laid me in the snow to get my temp down...

  2. the melting tucked at my heart strings...the wanting to hold on but knowing there can't be a future...oy...

  3. The way to use the snow as a metaphor works so well here.I especially like the imagery of the melting snow that pulls you back into that memory...

  4. all good things must come to an end... love your use of snow metaphors... and how the 1st snowfall brings back those flaming memories... smniles

  5. Paramour of the past, all tight abs & hot lips, sensuous co-mingling, but afterward nothing for the mind or spirit; let the ice man melt here in the Now; but nice that he flashes into a secret chamber of your heart when the first snowfall comes.

  6. The heat of the passion with the imagery of the snow is splendid. :-)

  7. How deliciously delicate - love it.

  8. Very pretty. I enjoyed the parallelisms.

  9. I love the ending, how nostalgic and romantic K ~ May you always recall the fire with every first snowfall ~

  10. Great use of the snow throughout your poem, Kathy. I liked the wistful tone too.

  11. I enjoyed the nostalgia in this. Those first snowfalls really do bring back memories, don't they?

  12. Truly there is something unique and romantic about snow where it does not usually fall.. or even cold where heat and humidity rule the torrent of human heart...

    Homecoming and hot chocolate are truly delight when the nuance of snow is rare and stays magical too...in heart alight..:)

  13. In the past tense but not forgotten... delicate, sweet, romantic and wistful... beautiful comparisons.

  14. Yes, appreciation of snow is all a question of depth and duration!

    The poetic inversion gives this poem the atmosphere of a Victorian story, charming.

  15. all melts and disappears...no future perfect - your use of snow as both a reminder of the past, and as a metaphor for the past as well...very nicely done.

  16. Those years I do not regret -
    for a long time, you in my heart I kept

    Sensuously most nostalgic. Great feelings brought out where many can relate to! Great lines Kathy!



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