Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2:00 a.m.

We are to write about 2:00am today at

A friend drove us to the hospital -
April birds chirping (cheering?) wildly
I saw the moon in an ocean of night,
next to Mt. Rainier
Contractions 5 minutes apart,
Orion on my shoulder near
....2:00 a.m....toilet seat cold ...
grey green hallways, operating room,
Warm lights yellow gold,
voices in the background,
handsome doctor's face,
Of course fierce pain,
but instinctively borne,
erased by a spinal block,
none too soon
6 hours later
I heard a sweet cry,
soft, tho -
then you were in the crook
of my right arm,
you gave me a reassuring look -
serene, and with your eyes you said
"Hi Mom, it's ok,
I'm here now..for the long run"
I conveyed the same thought to you
We knew each other already,
but it was the intimate focus,
the eye to eye contact
that moved me so
Immediate recognition
in that moment we had waited for-
almost as if we had lived it
a thousand times before
In your eyes, my mother's eyes -
tender and caring, yet keen,
sure and thirsty for life
I'm sure I visibly smiled,
as awe enveloped me -
when I realized two hearts
two souls, were we,
apart now, instead of as one
You were so pretty, as always,
but I am prejudiced, I know began our journey
45 years ago


  1. Ah, that is the ultimate happiness, isn't it? Giving birth and raising a child! Well penned.

  2. When my oldest was born, she warbled like a bird in my arms - the most amazing experience I have known.

  3. Nice. Such a stressful moment, followed by definite happiness when that new life smiles up at you.

  4. This is a very sweet poem, Kathy! Enjoy the next 45 years.

  5. Wonderful.. The 2am is for childbirth as well. Suck a Journey that might start at night,

  6. 2 am is a precious moment sometimes isn't it?....beautiful...

  7. great time... I was born at 4am... smiles. Very sweet poem, Kathy!!

  8. A sweet tribute to yourself and that day and the child

  9. What a beautiful memory for 2 am. A very special poem.

  10. Smiles--those moments stay with us.

  11. I loved every minute of this, which brought back detailed memories of my own. Blessings on your motherhood — which, obviously, has indeed been blessed. :)

  12. Thank you, Rosemary; it would have been a good post for Mothers' Day.

  13. Thank you, Rosemary; it would have been a good post for Mothers' Day.

  14. This is just beautiful. I choked-up reading it. Also, "I saw the moon in an ocean of night" is just a killer observation. I also have a good view of Mt. Rainier!

    1. Thank you ...another Puget Sounder!

  15. oh yes, there is something about the eye contact between a new born and his/her parents. A lovely write!


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