Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Feed me, Sweetie"

A closeup of nature over at dversepoets.com...

June evenings find me
on my front porch,
watching mauve-gold sunsets,
waiting to see who or what
will come visit me

A brown-tailed squirrel's eyes ask
 "where are the peanuts?",
 then runs up the yellow-
green maple tree
White yellow ribbons of sun
play in branches and on backs of
newly arrived goldfinches
seeking niger and sunflower seeds.
Juncos and nuthatches forage
what leftovers fall to the ground
I am partial to the black-capped,
chestnut-winged chicadees
 for their personalities and song
Used to me now, they let me know
when feeders have been empty long
They are bold enough to land
on my elbow, not ready
to eat out of my hand
Rufous and Anna hummingbirds,
 dressed in neon red and lemon-lime,
respectably, hover near me,
fluttering, as if to say something
profound. Then, drawn by
natural nector, they buzz to
the nearest clump
of flowers, pretty violet


  1. Oh, I am partial to the squirrels. They crack me up with their antics at times.
    And the hummingbirds. They are so curious. They tend to come around when I am on the back porch
    and flutter around, inspecting. It is raining today, so mostly it is the worms that are out. Ha.

  2. Ah.. i am always drawn here
    as words.. for no feeling other
    than sands.. and scopes of
    beach.. as to view life
    as whole of beach
    is to live..
    as squirrel
    of life..:)

  3. How delightful to be there, surrounded by birds & flowers ~ I was right there with you on your front porch ~

    Thanks for joining in Kathy ~ Have a good week ~

  4. This was a delight to read. We have actual armies of hummingbirds fighting at our five feeders. I cant believe how much sugar water they grow through.......some sparrows have been trying to drink from them too, and then the angry chatter gets really noisy. LOL. Such a delight.

  5. Wonderful those guests you have.. I would just love to have hummingbirds visiting.. But we have great little squirrels around us.

  6. Two red hummingbird feeders hang from the rafters of our deck cover, & the beauteous buzzing never ceases to thrill us. I love to watch birds at feeders, but have never put any out in the yard. The lovely immediacy of your shared experience feels as good as real flocks in my yard; nice job.

  7. I wrote about a hummingbird, too! This is a wonderful little snapshot of the view from your front porch. Peace, Linda

  8. I have always liked watching the nuthatches, but once we saw a western tanager - what a delight

  9. I love watching the birds at our feeders--though we have a different selection of visitors here. You've written of the perfect June evening with such good detail.

  10. How wonderful to be there sitting for you amidst all the activity of the visitors...for I did feel I was there. There are several nuthatches that come to visit and sit on my shoulders or hand and peck a few crumbs from my morning toast. Birds are so wonderful and you did a beautiful job with this.


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