Thursday, June 25, 2015

Before summer's pale...


At  Bjorn asks us to write flashback poetry:

Bluegrass chords lightly 
erase present thoughts
I float suspended in time, 
clouds turn pink apricot
I recall a young true love 
of mine who 
still owns the key
to my full heart
"My dear, it is much like 
saving a dime -
always in my sock,
on my foot in a shoe,
like having a full apple cart,
or a glass of red wine
I'm reminded of a peace
I once knew 
when I was much 
younger than you."

Eagles' shadows 
with wings wafting wide usher 
in memories 
"Do you see the two buoyant 
silhouettes?" descending from
an teen age ice cream sky?"
Romance laced breezes glide 
by and revisit me
They carry summer scents 
of climbing roses 
and huckleberry pie
You hold marshmallows
to the fire and
giggle with delight
Evening folds into night

I fall into a white sleep 
and recall a boy with 
a special smile,
Doe cross the meadow 
without a sound;
his easy stride says 'I'll stay awhile'
Dreamy purple fills the sky
and I recall tangled, 
thorny bushes that creep, 
grab my knees
A chorus of frogs from a pond,
faded lilies nod and weep
Summer's sober robin eats bugs 
from cedar 
I long to stay amid moss green
 cattails and June's heavenly fog

I see cats, mosquitoes,

 old friends swimming at the pool
we held hands in a theater
Going to church,
sitting behind him at school -
simple moments shared
Tugs like taffy pulling 
within my chest
How can it be possible?
Not since have many compared;
my friends (boys) then were 
better than the rest
He was the best -
but winds of change 
seem to already know 
their destinations, and
make me shiver to be gone

I inhale whispers 

from wood smoke encircling me,
as the world revolves 
our days away
Welcome changes, 
as well as those I did not invite,
reach me in Einstien's 
elegant time
I am lost and found again 
when your youthful laughter 
awakens me, 
brings me back
to what's at hand - 
eagles flying, calling me
to this present life 
with its mysteries grand


  1. Oh you knocked the dust off some memories for sure. Ha. Especially those first loves when everything can seem so crazy and true. Nice focus on the senses to realy build the scene. The gentleness with which you arrive at those memories as well - the double eagles, soft breeze. I like it K

  2. Always enjoyable to do a bit of reminiscing about those long ago adolescent loves! I enjoyed the marshmallows around the fire imagery. There is something touching about that scene. And holding hands in the movie -- ha, how brave! Smiles. Nice journey in your poem, Kathy!

  3. Wonderful teenage memories and interesting that we do not know who you are addressing. A grandchild maybe?

    1. Exactly, Gabriella and I will make that more clear in a bit. Thank you.

  4. love the fairy tale ambiance with pink apricot clouds, ice cream sky and the person who holds the key to the heart...wonderful images, dreamy indeed...

  5. there's such a peaceful feel to this and it has also a song-like - dream-like quality - beautiful memories... you had me humming..smiles

  6. This is such a beautiful piece.. agreed with Claudia.. it certainly does have a dream like sequence to it :)
    Beautifully executed :D

  7. This is so wonderful ...exactly how you should portray the young love, especially one that lasts through time.. There is a dream, but yet so connected to the present time. A laughter is the best device ever to bring it in.

  8. Love these lines:

    clouds turn pink apricot

    of climbing roses
    and blackberries
    You hold marshmallows

    I inhale whispers

  9. Oh.. this reality flows like a dream.. oh dream this reality.. when spirit dreams..
    never growing old.. yes.. emotions are real.. emotions fire memory.. emotions
    are us in all senses of delight.. to hold on to heArt.. is to live forever in
    now.. now cannot erase a time that truly is only relative
    to a
    state of mind
    of living
    spirit youth..
    always alive
    final sleep..
    i don't like to
    analyze poetry
    much.. but truly that is
    beautiful in an instinctual
    organic flow kind of way..:)

  10. What lovely memories and stories to tell your child or someone young ~ I love the summer scenes but this part is my favorite:

    A chorus of frogs from a pond,
    Summer's sober robin eats bugs
    from cedar

  11. Heyy thanks for stopping by :D once again gorgeous poem girl :D

  12. Just a lovely reminiscence of young love--I must admit,
    "I recall a young true love
    of mine who
    still owns the key
    to my full heart"
    convinced me, at first, that this young love was still in your life. A lovely poem that, I suspect, stirs memories in all of us.

  13. Young love... ah, yes - you never forget that... Wonderful dance through so many memories!

  14. blue grass chords...all through this like a soft, pastel dream. memories of young love woven with somber robins. the movies, cats and the woodsmoke that brings you to the present. Mysteries memories stir and move in us. This is a wondrous dreamy piece.

  15. This was a heart-grabber; so many beautiful images--love the blue grass and pink apricots, the apples, and smell of marshmallows it.

  16. I liked the conversational quality of this poem and the sharing of those wonderful memories. You did such a great job of picking out the most significant and poignant details, specific and yet also universal. There is something about first love that is never then recaptured, no matter what great loves follow...

  17. You paint a lovely picture of nostalgia in summer. The lines flowed effortlessly and I loved the rhythmic rhymes throughout.


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