Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Building a stairway to the stars

For today we are writing about stars, winter skies and the heavens.

Living consciously brings all the stars out,

ushers in harmony to the wintry night
Tiny jeweled windows of platinum pink
and yellow turquoise dress up an
indigo sky
Each one channeling 
its own lustrous voice 

Living in the dark, like unconsciousness,
shuts out light of love's purest spirit
Scientists observe shifts in the
universe expanding , measure 
light years bent into splinters galore

For the soul to be illuminated
the mind must be cracked open, 
precious beams of light must trickle in for all the beauty to shine in
Formulas and equations substanciate love and kindness spreads outwardly, everywhere

Astronomers lead us to 

deep space mysteries, 
present us with a map of stars
glowing in clusters of satin red, 
and laser green.
Glamarous galaxies interact with black holes while
edges of shadows play with 
shades of  light

Starlight is required for 

the souls's journey;
we are miracles of such a light,
criss-crossing trails with those
who have moved on or lost the connection,
wanting, striving to be banded together again__
on the stairway to heaven


  1. That stairway to heaven seems to appear over the parsecs of universe.. a very inspired work Kathy,

  2. This is just beautiful:
    "Tiny jeweled windows of platinum"

  3. Gorgeous writing, Kathy, inspired from deep within I think. I especially love this verse:
    "for the soul to be illuminated, and
    for the mind to be cracked open,
    beams of light must trickle in
    for all the beauty to shine"
    Gayle ~

  4. When someone is thus aligned with Spirit, living in awareness, they are so rewarded with what they are able to observe. Very peaceful beauty here.

  5. Admiring the colors of the universe and specially this line: we are miracles of such a light -

    Thanks for the lovely share Kathy ~

  6. So many unique views! Enjoyed this.

  7. I keep going back to the third poem. Indeed, light does need to penetrate our brains and our hearts. Each one of these is as unique as a star. Thank you for responding to this prompt!

  8. love the poem soaked in colors..."all the beauty to shine / spreading everywhere"..may this be the wish of the coming new year...a beautiful poem Kathy...

  9. Lovely poem, beautifully presented.

  10. So positive and inspiring the stars become to us - Lovely angles brought out here.

  11. The very first line was delightful. There is so much beauty and wonder all around us that we sleepwalk around and miss completely...but when we live deliberately, we discover those bits of joy all around, and indeed, the stars come out!

  12. Masks of UniVerse
    within.. layers upon
    layers adding outside
    until clothing of culture
    erases stars in eyes..
    but stars will
    not die
    they wait
    as long as
    life to come
    again bright..
    moving.. connecting
    and creating liGht again!..:)


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