Friday, July 15, 2016

July's Dance

Robert Hagan 1947 - Australian Impressionist painter -

Driving the convertible 
with the top down
along the coastal highway,
mirages shimmer while hinged 
to hot asphalt before me
familiar aromas of the seaside
and on the radio -
 a blitz of summer hits 

White sand on my nose and
between toes, cures woes 
lingering near me.
Andalusian colors and 
ambrosial scents of rose hedges 
meet billowy clouds 
at mfavorite beach and 
sail into my heart 

Caressing my ankles, 
sparkling sea gems circle 
in water;
  ringlets of cares 
subside in sea foam
With sounds of gulls and waves
my sadness leaves me.

At night, a tiger sky 
descends around me
Ancient whisperings
lead me to dance in firelight
I sleep in tall grass 
bathed in moon light,
awake to a new dawn
These things complete me 
and restore my soul

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