Tuesday, November 15, 2016


At dversepoets.comdVerse today we are writing about the super moon.

Clouds covered the super moon last night where I live. Disappointed I was not in a place where I could see the moonrise, I imagined it emerging from the east, filling half the sky - when the curve of the earth is such that it appears to be much closer than it actually is. As in the movie "Moonstruck", with 'Amore' as the theme, the moon took center stage as it appeared from outside a bedroom window, while others sat down for a meal, and while the old man was walking the dogs at night. My, how they howled at its sight.

With scenes filmed in an old New York, it could have been set at the time of the last super moon in 1948 , a period story of Italian families caught up in the many sided emotional angles of love. Producers can be creative with cameras, and to me, it was the ideal big yellow moon for lovers, one I hope to see someday with someone special.

A settling down time
the full harvest moon honors
our plenty, our love



  1. I can really feel the romance of the moon coming through your words... wonderful

  2. Oh! The sky was cloudy where I live as well. But today I got to see a beautiful moon --even if not a Super Moon.
    I like how you connect last night with the movie and old NY.

  3. A settling down time indeed. love that sentiment

  4. I was lucky to see the moon last night and this dawn, without any clouds ~ Glad you enjoyed the movie and I must check it out myself ~

    Take care Kathy ~

  5. Lovely reminiscences and reflections. I found the supermoon disappointingly small, though bright. Harvest moons always look wonderful, and huge.

  6. Clouds here too and I like that movie also, it was fun. I hope to see a big, yellow moon for lovers with someone special one day too.

  7. Cloudy here as well but the sky open up clear last night and will be clear here as well. A lovely haibun bringing to mind one of my favorite movies and all the images of la bella luna in the movie.

  8. I enjoyed the reference to the movie, Moonstruck. That's an oldie but goodie. Hope you get the chance to enjoy that big yellow moon with someone special soon.


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