Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Turning the page..

Welcome bygone souls
to a jubilant graveyard party
October wanes this night
as we feast,
become something else for a night
Glittered masks, corn mazes,
After harvest is a settling down,
inhabiting another moment in time
in honor of plenty
Awakened familiar ghosts
engage in shenanigans,
trade stories at the midnight hour
Feet kick up burnt umber leaves,
fireworks scatter and pop
La Ledrona's cries enter our chests
like carving knives
Excruciating pain replaced with joy,
returns to sorrow
Cat screeches under moonlight
skeletons hung over fences
moan and groan
Clowns scare themselves
Crow feathers drift in smoke
and ash trails
Down feathers our nests
against morning dew
Clouds break for rainbows
and November's hues

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