Monday, December 31, 2012

A collage of New Year's Eve nostalgia...

...sharing some of my collection of favorite New Year pictures - mostly
 vintage postcards, which I love;  also you will see what else comes to mind for many usually on this Eve...
or what is memorable or special about the this time of the season.  Maybe you will find one
 photo that particular rings a bell for you or strikes a chord ;)
Happy New Year to all blog visitors this night...

BTW, my newest search found a scarce greeting card by John P. Squire meet packer
 company, possible sent to only store owners, not the public.  It shows a mother pig with the 
old date on her back and the piglets with the new year on their
backs, 1912...can be seen on eBay..



  1. very cool collection of pics...the grease musical pic made me smile and brought back some long ago memories...happy new year to your!!

    1. glad you stopped by, Claudia..the couple does look like the grease pair at a glance, but it's 'When Harry Met Sally' with Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan.. and that is the last scene at a New Year's Eve party..hope you've seen it, too;)...already posted the next poem..can't believe it's too early to link up...just a raw write..straight out of the mouth ;)..must be hmmm late afternoon there?

  2. Enjoyed these...what fun to view.

  3. I so love old photos. I read your "About me" and loved it! You are a very interesting woman.

  4. great collage and great finding: the mother pig and the piglets are so funny. I hope you have a magic 2013 sweet friend. xxo


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