Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The more who walk....

The more who walk, the more who will survive
motto of October's fervent fund drive
Poems written by countless ladies touched
by mortality's fateful cancerous
disease based on birthing humanity
women's war with her own anatomy
So personal and private....yes, saintly
First heard of in groups murmuring faintly
Pause given to those who did not survive
How many of them could still be alive?

I met her Monday in the library
struck me with her witty commentary
Books on learning French she had just returned 
"Not me... I'd rather walk the plank!!" she said
"Bah, here's a good mystery to read instead!"
I asked her, "..so what would you recommend?"
"Walking the beach each day -" she replied, 
"it's how I've survived, what keeps me alive....
was diagnosed with breast cancer stage four;
it's been eleven years now and more."
                she continued,

"You must download the tide tables online-
you want to be sure it's there when you arrive!!
It was low at noon today...I go every day!"
Attractive with peppered salt hair, I'm sure
she had the best perspective to endure.
Whatever malady I can stave off, I'd know one thing
life is a miracle worth extending
Today the cure is still unknown for some,
but for many it has already come.
I will join her book club and follow suit
using laughter...and beach combing to boot!!

dversepoets.com  Joe Hesch hosts Open Link Night..write about anything..I have only a couple of friends who have had this type of cancer and I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like.


  1. life is a miracle worth extending... so true... a colleague from at work was just diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago and it's so tough.. she's doing good though... and i think it's really important to have these times where we just can breathe... and a walk on the beach sounds just perfect to gather new strength..

  2. What a great advice.. I meet people surviving maladies every morning bicycling along the shoreline every morning. Life is worth living for sure, and nature is like a book that give part of the explanation

  3. nice...a walk on the beach a day will def keep the psychologist away...haha...its so true for me...the rhythm of the ocean...gathering together with others...stretching yourself...i def think these are the things that get us through great trial

  4. No matter what season, walking the beach is therapeutic and/or stimulating, depending on your needs of the moment.

  5. Walking is a cure for many evils, and a perfect time for putting a poem together in one's head. Wish we had a beach nearby, or rather the open sea with its loads of fresh air.
    Liked the way you were able to dstike up a conversation with such an open person in your library. Over here it is "Shush" and more "Shush" as soon as you set foot inside.

  6. Life is indeed a miracle worth extending; having nearly lost mine last year, I am now trying to savour every moment. I love the beach too ... smiles

  7. A strong write on an important subject. I do agree as well that life is a miracle worth extending. Hoping they will find the cure very soon! Walking the beach every day definitely sounds like a wonderful way to give a person some positive energy as one fights for one's life.

  8. Clever and profound. I love your storytelling within the confines of rhyme. Well executed and happily received!

  9. Thank you all for your encouraging words...I am feeling under the weather today and not able to comment on Open Link much...will try to catch up though..I like writing stories that rhyme but also just prose....more soon...have a good weekend, fellow writers..K-

  10. The sea is so healing. I grew up with it and now only walk to the mailbox in the mountains. I like the library conversation.

  11. Walking on the beach is always a good thing! Well done.

  12. The sea is a good place, great advice. I lost friends and a cousin to cancer so sad.

  13. I too have had many friends with this cancer … the last one sailed through it and never complained - always ready to laugh - even when she shaved all her hair off. I hope I have learned something from her… I really liked this piece. Yes, we need to enjoy everyday!


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