Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ode to my new doctor,..

My doctor, my new doctor, bless her soul
humbled was I at the waiting room door
New patient meets seasoned doctor, her role -
pick up where the other left off before

How does one cram 66 years into
one hour's  exam...hope she won't retire soon.
The lump in my throat grew as loosened my shoe,
causing the slip on wet maple leaves strewn

Elbow and knees met the pebbled pavement;
sometimes life seems like being in a cartoon 
I chose her to be my new confidante
She will soon learn that I'm a crazy loon

Doctor, oh, doctor,  my  story is long -
connections I have but no real roots yet
Tears welled up when I should have sung a song,
some saw my fall but right on by they sped 

Disheveled with minor skin scrapes, I knew
a wrench had been cast into the feeling
of honeymoon new;  always a good clue,
my smugness brought to an abrupt reeling 

My doctor, wise doctor, listened and poked
"New to the island, I said"... understood.
Noticing my new woolen scarf was soaked,
she replied, "your blood pressure is quite good!"

I realized that, after  a big move, 
things have a way of catching up with you
Certain matters resurface I'm  behooved
to believe, to remind us not all's new 

"Come back in a month and we'll do blood work..
eat all your green veggies, buy better shoes"
she said,  "follow the path that by some quirk,
brought you thus far.  Keep the feet warm with socks, too."

Tony at asks us to write an Ode..Neruda style...well his are sensual and beautiful and I am not in the frame of mind to attempt a similar one...therefore, something that happened the other day is what I wrote about..


  1. It sounds like you have yourself an understanding doctor, Katy. Quite understanding, in fact. I liked her practical advice at the end.

  2. You have made your relationship with your doctor to be envied., I hope you show it to him. >KB

  3. Neruda's odes are indeed sensual and beautiful - but they also have humour in them. I mean, comparing his own feet to decrepit firemen ... smiles.

    I really enjoyed reading your poem, Katy - and it sounds like you have found a good doctor who is not afraid to give simple, practical advice.

  4. It's so hard to find a good doctor. Hope this one works for you for many years to come!

  5. I hate going to doctors but we must for regular check ups and what not ~ Here, its free so it doesn't bother me to visit them every so often and be told exactly what my mom used to tell me - eat your veggies ~ Hope you are feeling better Katy ~

  6. haha...she sounds like quite the practical lady... always love people who are straightforward and down to earth....good choice with your new doc..smiles

  7. So good that such doctors exist. Love the shoe advice .. sounds very good.

  8. smiles...good to have that kinda connection with your doc...ours is always so busy it seems like it is a fly by when you do get to see them....makes me think of the way doctors were before we got so busy....

    1. started with "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!"

  9. Your imagery is so concrete. There is a line in each stanza that flashes a snapshot in my mind-- pebbled pavement, woolen scarf...

  10. Interesting. I love the subject choice for your ode. I hope you're okay! :-)

  11. A caring doctor. Glad you found one but sorry for your fall - hope you are OK.

  12. Sets you back, doesn't it just. A fall like that. Creates both anger and humuliation in first instance.
    Glad to hear you ended up in safe hands and that nothing major seems amiss.
    You should send her a copy of this.

    1. I will take it to her on next visit ;) just clumsy walking to the doctor office..

  13. It's so important to have a good doctor, patient & understanding. This is a lovely tribute :)

  14. You meet new doctor
    Doctor meets new...YOU!
    Bound by oath, she
    in her eyes you see compassion, confidence, willingness to be yur "health-partner" and confidante.
    All this I read in your words, good ode, kkkkatie!
    (Did you mention your lisp?) --grinning!!!! :-)

    1. Ha! It was obvious as was my slightly hunched back ;-) Thank you

  15. Good to have an understanding with someone to be entrusted with one's confidential matters. Not easy to build up the trust in a new one but the doc here seemed ok. Beautiful write Kathy!


  16. sometimes I wonder if they drum compassion out of doctors in med school. sounds like not this one :) ~

  17. Wonderful! For everyone who ever had to move and get older and feel the ground slipping out from under our feet, I thank you.

  18. A new doctor is a great topic for an ode! "How does one cram 66 years into / one hour's exam..." - Great line!

  19. Hopefully, you have better luck with your doctor than I've had in the past.
    Keep your feet warm and wear socks..wishing you well...

  20. This has a lovely sweetness and a real sense of the interchange. Thanks. This is karin of Manicddaily.


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