Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Let your little light shine..

photo of Mukilteo under Sept. moon 2014   by klr

It's okay to keep some things to one's self, 
but some are better shared
We do the best we can;
it's all we can do
 But often when, unselfishly, 
our souls are truly bared,
our philosophy bends and finds new ken
Yesterday I found remnants from the past,
 today I am reclaiming my domain -
clearing my browsing data, managing 
my settings, putting my outlook in sync
Refreshed constantly, scanning 
the right and left sides 
of my brain

Content to be nowhere else,
I sit on a log to distill;
by the sea I breathe, meditate
Bees vie for the last wildflowers,
Mother Nature's winsome quills writing 
in the winds of time
Letting my guard down a bit,
insecurities trimmed, checked,
put out of sight,
I find balance to create
All that matters today is one more light 
shines somewhere; an individual's
internal resolve, 
with nothing but kindness and love,
will join in to begin to change 
how we evolve

As invisible gates opens,
those who see enter easily,
 never were they closed off entirely
Basic elements and truths on earth 
give us rich, raw energy  to do 
what we are supposed to do
 More steadily I walk trails to the beach
 and ask myself 'why must life seem so bleak?'
Such a waste to wrestle with life, 
though I understand perfectly
Answers may not be forthcoming, 
but I think nothing is more important 
than listening,
In this world of half taken breaths,
smile for the love already here,
be the joy in the making

I'd like to undergo regressive life 
therapy...find out if I  lived before
A lot in this world is unimportant, trivial
I think I know the reasons why 
 I hear an angel whispering: 
"Don't think 'oh woe is me', but let others 
know you care, for there is no dilemma 
 greater today than lack of 

Dreamlike, I fall 
in and out of consciousness,
metallic dragonflies zing by
Nature speaks most honestly
Insects talk among themselves,
have private conversations,
inside stories, a tight group; perhaps they, 
to a small degree, are aware 
of what I speak
Don't think I could be all wet,
but then again, it very well could be
I'm barking up the wrong tree
 Eagles are carnivores, 
as I hear his hungry cry
A garter snake sneaks in front of me,
passes between rocks and blades of grass,
pretty shiny black and green,
Woodpecker bangs a tree

In this long poem all I'm saying is- 
we have to have the conversation,
for conversation's sake,
of what it means to live more 
selflessly, less selfishly    
There's order in the mayhem,
especially when you dare to set 
a different pattern in motion, 
            set the table for everyone              

Awake now at twilight I see fireflies 
find their way through a storm collectively
  My little light shines amongst
 all of yours, 
So let us make it be




  1. There is order in the mayhem and letting others know you care is a big deal ~ And I agree that some problems are better shared with others so that in the end, they don't seem so burdensome anymore ~

  2. Lots of wisdom in this, Kathy. And you've chose some great metaphors to express it.

  3. Talk about it. There's healing in conversation... Some things should be kept to self tho... smiles

  4. Seems so much of our conversation is just talking at, superficial, sound bites of trivia. Real conversation is rare.

  5. Kathy, an epic six stanzas of meta-logically sound advice; of course there is some kind of order in every bout with chaos, & many of us have inane wisdom mined from genetic & spiritual links to our past lives, one firefly creates micro-light, a trillion fireflies light up every iota of darkness everywhere; acceptance, rebirth, awakening, enlightenment, all here in your wonderful compassionate words; reading it again for solace.

    1. Thanks, I have a bad habit of posting, then editing some more ;) .like your slant on the fireflies.

  6. there's so many more people now than in the past. I wonder if we are pieces of the past.

  7. Human abstract complex language can be the scribe of love..but drowns out love2..with words that cover hears of ears hearing love in the smallest of grain of sand..and in the galaxies above..that reflect that light of sand back above so below...

    I'll be a firefly i'll light my way..with never a word lit..but wings that pray...a lighted way..to soar away..

    free..simply free being..being free....

  8. letting our lights shine like those fireflies....a great image to close with...but I think nothing is more
    important than listening,
    In this world of half taken breaths... that was the essence for me here... we tend to talk too much and too quickly and sometimes all it needs to change someone's world is really to listen and make them just feel someone is there and cares..

  9. So many phrases in this poem that speaks volume.. To have those conversations to find the solace talking to the snakes and dragonflies.. I think the wisdom in that is so important.

  10. Love your choice of metaphors throughout this Kathy...nicely done!

  11. This put me in mind of a childhood song I knew 'This little guiding light of mine.'

    These lines I find extraordinary: Content to be nowhere else, / I sit on a log to distill;'

  12. Love the lesson in this, Kathy. It is good to have a conversation with oneself & figure out just how to live selflessly rather than selfishly!

  13. I liked "order in the mayhem," well done using this metaphor. Oppositional.

  14. Wonderful introspective journey that we can all relate to--well done.

  15. i see you outside... thinking, writing, wondering... what a wonderful place to sort things out

  16. Kathy, I've been trying to catch up with myself today, to read the poems I've missed. So glad I caught up with yours. It is a prayer I wish I'd written but really couldn't because I've been a little more caught up in worrying about the darkness than about becoming the light. Your poem set me in the right direction.

    1. Thanks, Myrna; it's a bit wordy but I'm glad you liked it. ;)

  17. "There is order in the mayhem". It is a comforting line.

    I enjoyed the dreamy mood of your piece. :-)

  18. conversation is important. I enjoyed your stream of consciousness. There was a lot of interesting and enjoyable visuals sewn throughout. nicely done.

  19. wish we could all live more selflessly and less selfishly...love this spontaneous flow of thoughts .....


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