Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Tufted Titmouse..and other meanderings..

Small kingdoms rise and fall

in blithe forests -
My spirit floats among branches,
alighting on each one,
dancing, as it always does.
at the center of everything
Fleetingly, paper bluebirds 
design and dress my soul 
to express itself fully
The woodsy tufted titmouse song 
rides on invisible sauntering winds,
in the land where giant woolly 
mammoths once roamed
 Titmouse song

Our bodies are boats for identity's sake,
hulls sailing away with undertakings -                                         
the writings of symphonies, 
sculpting a man kissing a woman,
writing a great read
While orioles flash in the morning light
and thin lips of poppies grin,
we experience life in new ways,
not otherwise manifested
Secrets in empty seashells, 
the hammer, stirrup, anvil 
of the ear - bones 
born from salty brine,
touched by light unknown                                 
Only the faintest star
it's recent beginning
We are reinvented as falling rain 
or crystals of ice
upon a bed of dying leaves
We are the waltz, the show, 
the audience -
in an intelligent universe, 
Knowledge and vision, 
our salvation and reward,
we are part of forever's plan,
transcending all dimensions
in the form of man -
driving red fire engines 
in vast snowy skies
To rest in the knowing, 
there is no nothingness -
only new evolving tasks 
of the spirit,
eclipsing time, 
devoted to spinning pure love,
weaving on larger looms
in larger kingdoms, 
beyond everyday matters
Sweet ivy climbs,
gathering its own momentum,
winding through spokes of silver,
frame of prose and rhyme 
A universal trellis 
made gritty by our humanness 
yet sensitive,
yet heavenly divine

At today we were presented with artwork by  Brooke Shaden to tease our imaginations in writing a poem or prose poem..


  1. How beautiful to walk in the legacy of the woodsy tufty titmouse song.. we are all part of the legacy of nature.. like the roots inside our heads.. really love this..

  2. Beautiful lnes there - particularly the forest, where I habitate, giving the poem a strong mood.

  3. I specially like this part Kathy:

    We are reinvented as falling rain
    or crystals of ice
    upon a bed of dying leaves
    We are the waltz, the show,
    the audience -
    in an intelligent universe

    Such a lovely reminder of our place in the universe ~ Thanks for participating and wishing you happy week ~

  4. very cool where this took you kathy... loved the driving red fire engines in snowy skies and how you wove in the branches and the birds as well... nice

  5. Our bodies are boats for identity's sake...what a cool line...
    we have one foot in the earth and one in a much greater existence...
    a lot is in which way we choose to lean...

  6. very transcendent and metaphysical :)

  7. 'there is no nothingness -
    only new evolving tasks
    of the spirit,' ~ resonates very much with me... ~ refreshing and poetically light xx

  8. I like 'we are the waltz, the show, the audience.' We are so many things if we only look inside.

  9. I enjoyed the eeriness of your poem, Kathy. 'We are reinvented as falling rain / or crystals of ice / upon a bed of dying leaves' - my favorite image.

  10. I am forever the outlaw poet, forever /driving red fire engines/in vast snowy skies; my favorite color, red; power, blood, poppies, roses, starfish, kissed lips, bruised egos; all a shade of red; I may have to put that line on my tombstone; Glenn is forever driving red fire engines now in vast snowy skies; Christ, lady, what a line! Metaphysically, we seem to be of the same den, the same awakening; so cool to be hip to your cosmic jive, riffs, & long warm exhalations of lusty breaths.

    1. Cool that you liked this one..I hope you do use that on your tombstone ;) I literally woke up in the night to write the words that were coming..then saw Brook's photo...ta da! Thanks, Glenn.

  11. To rest in the knowing,
    there is no nothingness -
    only new evolving tasks
    of the spirit... ugh, that is wonderful; I loved the whole poem, btw; that part resonated with me, especially.

    1. I'm glad..thanks, always helps to take a break from writing for a week or so to replenish batteries ;)

  12. This meditation has a lapping rhythm, like waves on a shore, each adding more silken taffeta to the whole garment. Lovely.

  13. The picture made me think of tree spirits whose faces I see constantly in the trunk and branches of our carob tree. And you see the spirit of everything in your poem, it dances like the revolving universe in harmony with the cosmos.

  14. Two lines I love: we are part of forever's plan and sculpting a man kissing a woman. The first for its veracity and the second for its sensuality. But my Dad is 97 and a Boston Firefighter for 35 years. I'm going to gift him with the line about driving the red fire engine in vast snowy skies. He'll love it!

  15. I wonder what it would be like to be a waltz....

    a lovely write; There is something about the opening stanza that just drew me in. I think these lines are my favorite: "We are reinvented as falling rain / or crystals of ice / upon a bed of dying leaves."

  16. I like the oneness and unity of being that I read in your poem. It is transcendent and reads like a fairy tale. :-)

  17. This is so beautiful. To me, you are describing the journey of the soul...changeless, eternal...only our bodies and circumstances changing. really spoke to my soul!

    1. I am pleased it spoke to you..thank you ..I enjoy your poetry as well ;)


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