Monday, December 1, 2014

To a discouraged heart...

When we were young, we did not know 

how much things could change
We heard the phrase "on a dime"
and  "people grow in different ways" 
different directions, at varying speeds over time

We learned tough challenges,
get in our way, continually
Yet when one knows his or her own true self, 
strength and courage will come 
and we face them with power 
from deep within, repeatedly

Anything is possible, they say,

a phrase I never quite believed,
I guess it is meant to be taken
metaphorically - one door 
closes, another opens,
"there is a season for everything"
So many cliches

Answers are not always 
what we want, expect, or dream
but if there were no rocks or branches
obstructing a pretty stream, 
there would be no babble and splash - 
and no one would hear its sweet melody  Today we are writing about winning or losing in any way, shape or form.


  1. answers are not always what we want or expect....i think that is one of the hard things to grasp...our answered prayers may be more what we need as opposed to what we want....and while all things are possible, not everything is probable....

  2. So very true that everything is not possible. But that really should not deter us from working toward what just might BE possible. One doesn't know unless one tries.

  3. Everything is not possible for sure.. unless everything is what's available.. like a Ford model T you can get in any color you want I guess.. but still overcoming little obstacles would make us winners I think... great one.

  4. I remember wanting so much to be an actor, & became one; but never a win-win situation, for after a decade of struggling, I had to face the austere macabre fact that probably I was getting in my own way, preventing my own success; regardless, I turned to teaching the blind, & won hugs every day. How do you buy a job like that?

    1. Cool..and that is winning if I ever heard of a definition!!

  5. I believe it depends on one's perspective in life - a closed door is another door for opportunity, just like another defeat is an impetus to do better, surge higher, be a winner ~ Have a good week K ~

  6. Oh, boy, those cliches... I love the way you mock them and yet prove their timeless validity... a very thoughtful, quiet poem.

  7. I think that's a part of the beauty in life whether it seems like it at that moment or not... winning is the realization.

  8. The beauty of life is knowing that winning is the hope of what we can dream and achieve.

    Love this piece.

  9. "Anything is possible, they say, / a phrase I never quite believed' - I agree with you, Kathy. Some things are more possible for some people than others. Great use of overused clichés!

  10. i'm truly blessed that miracles were possible for me.. and i'm always praying they are possible for others too...

    but i will never curse the darkness of life.. as for me.. it is the key to the brightest lights of all..

    but not for others i know.. as i did not give up.. but so many times the temptation was there.. and i could never blame someone's for the frailty of being human that is part of the experience for anyone who lives long enough to see the darkness of life.....

    if they are lucky enough to go that far.. too...:)

    i enjoyed your encouraging words here.. as well.. too..:)

  11. no rocks or branches
    obstructing a pretty stream,
    there would be no babble and splash -
    and no one would hear its sweet melody

    There has to be little obstacles along the way so that one has to 'think and do' to survive. It should not come easy that they are void of challenges. Great write Kathy!


  12. Such a whimsical note in this - a looking back and perhaps appreciating the bumpy road so to speak. Beautiful poem and it also elicited some nice comments above.

  13. "we face them with power
    from deep within, repeatedly"

    Among all cliches, that is the real truth. Sorry I took so long to read your piece Kathy.

  14. i do like that image of the branches and rocks obstructing the stream... it is true... some obstacles bring forth this melody we so love to hear...


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