Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Day Rondel

1st line A2nd line B
3rd line b (rhymes with B)
4th line a (rhymes with A)
5th line a (rhymes with A)
6th line b (rhymes with B)
7th line A (entire 1st line repeated)
8th line B (entire 2nd line repeated)
9th line a (rhymes with A)
10th line b (rhymes with B)
11th line b (rhymes with B)
12th line a (rhymes with A)
3th line A (entire 1st line repeated)

Here is a rondelle for Gayle's prompt over at and for Valentine's Day.

Dawn broke in shattered shards of stippled green;as the gentle voice of spring was heard;you arrived on a shrimp boat's bobbing stern,I swam to meet you in night tourmaline 
I found you as you were finding meAt each glance or sound, my heart stirred Dawn broke in shattered shards of stippled green;as the gentle voice of spring was heard
Soul mates, you were the best part of melike sipping the sweetest of Sauternes,leaving me nothing for which to yearnEmbraced by time, our love endured, unalteredDawn broke in shattered shards of stippled green


  1. How beautiful! I love your gorgeous repeating lines, Kathy, and I love the line, "I swam to meet you in night tourmaline." pretty. Thank you for joining in today.
    Gayle ~

  2. There really is a wonderfully dreamy quality to this!

  3. I love the gentle strains of spring, of love finding each other ~ This is specially sweet:

    Soul mates, you are the best part of me

  4. This is just perfect, Kathy. I envy how your use of slant rhyme and flow keeps the sing song effect at bay. Just lovely.

  5. I love the image of dawn breaking in shards of stippled green..

  6. Goodness. Could you have chosen a more gorgeous line to repeat?
    "Dawn broke in shattered shards of stippled green" -- just fantastic.
    Beautiful imagery here.

  7. So beautiful and romantic... Love is best in spring and by the shore... I long for the balm of warm nights.

  8. "I found you as you were finding me" a perfect valentine day Rondel indeed...

  9. Your opening line was so lovely, it could almost be a poem by itself ☺

  10. Lovely lovely valentine! "I swam to meet you in night tourmaline..." I especially love this line. Smiling I am...just a wonderful read!

  11. SMiLes.. hUman
    naTure waVes
    oF connecTions
    no lesS
    breeze iN
    sAlt oF human tOuch
    eYes blue seas brOwn..
    green more aLivE..
    God sMiles
    iN rear
    oF human


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