Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A rare visit....

Impressed with the white peacock at a visit to our local "Old Goats Farm" in Orting WA, I was moved to write about her.  I was unable to get a good photo while there, so this is not the actual gal I saw, but very similar.  It's Open Link Night at dversepoets.comdverse.com    

She perches above the heavenly berm,

a silent mossy clover landing place,
mistress of woodland's trillium and fern
Shaded glens where she preens 
her billowy lace skirt of feathers
flowing away from 
her gracefully turned bosom and torso,
onto the goat mowed lawn, blue-green;
freely roaming it's gardens-
mixed blasts of colorful blooms
lean into waving purple blues 
of columbine and iris

Knotted trees magically anchor

the ground against nature's chartreuse
and blue-grey leaves,
Birdsong spans the air 
as she glides
in her training white down comforter 
wedding gown

Crested on her temple, 
bobbling antennae attest
to her 'everyday a queen' countenance -
quail-like face and modest neck 
suggest delicate elegance -
belied by her shrill shriek
as she calls to her mate
She spreads her half moon
ornate plumage for show, 
proudly signalling coded messages
with every multiplied eyed feather

Legend has it she descended
from Venus as 
guardian and protector - 
A flightless breed,
she nests 
according to the rains
She's poetry in motion - 
All season webbed feet to rely on,
she parades the landscape 
in view of her fellow constituents
to the other side of the farm -
five baby black ducklings lie low;
an admiring sapphire 
male peafowl
awaits her
 I gaze upon her as she unfurls her 
huge fan,
She honors us
in all her leucistic pageantry


  1. What an amazing sight...a white peacock. And you wrote about it so well. I like the idea that she is descended from Venus as protector or guardian. I think peacocks of all coloration are regal birds!

  2. Thanks,Mary, now I'll go back and make the print bolder ;)

  3. wow that must have been rather majestic to see....so regal....and to have her unfurl right before you as well...would def be an awe inspiring moment...like the myth you give her as well in your words...

  4. oh nice...you capture her well...so much beauty and elegance...love that venus connection as well...it must have been gorgeous to see her unfurl her fan

  5. Beautifully captured both words and pictures. Your words truly bring out her majestic countenance. Very nicely done.
    Dropping by from dVerse Open Link
    Suzy at http://ilasoulpoems.blogspot.co.nz/

  6. What an awesome combination of incredible photos and beautiful verse.

  7. Poetry in motion ~indeed~
    I can see those little black ducklings too, watching her across the farm.

  8. Never seen nor anticipated a white peacock. What a sight! It's just poetry! Wonderful take Katy!


  9. She is indeed majestic. A beautiful tribute. I've never seen a white peacock before but only ones with color. Awesome.

  10. Elegantly captured and expressed, a majestic write indeed, Wonderfully Done !!!


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