Thursday, May 16, 2013

Isn't there a song about a "Wooden Heart"?

...wrote this before I knew the theme for today  for Meeting the Bar 
at  dVerse  which is volition and velleity.  I think it works in it's own way ;)

Our eyes locked in passing
you introduced yourself -
You sat beside me, comforted me
then asked me to dance
The touch of your lips was magic 
You touched me with your strong hands,
took me home and didn't want to leave
You came back to me
again and again -
I thought I died when it ended 
but, I healed 
Other nice men
came into my life;
In passing through
they had the same effect on me,
the presence felt right
as did his hand in mine
He said he wanted to spend the rest of
his life with me - 
but there was less holding time,
only wishful thinking on my part
 - he said he wouldn't let me go, 
so I felt I'd take the leap, 
if it weren't for my heart
He reminded me of you -
familiar feelings
because of how I was wooed 
We danced the Tango,
but it was not the same -
He treated me
with respect that took my fear away
wanted to settle down 
But we did not marry,
as friends the foundation was laid
for something permanent
but I had to let him go
to live his life without me -
He would have committed, 
I realize now
I don't feel anything
except when I watch movies
like "Under the Tuscan Sun",
or "The Way We Were"
when I feel all there is 
to feel in 2 hours
until the end
and be done,
It's me in love, it's me pining, 
I am making passionate 
love on the screen
Only I'm not risking my heart
like before,
just playing the part 
I know so well 
Kiss me not -
if you do not intend to stay
don't ask me to dance unless you feel
something real and true
Don't  expect anything of me
and I won't of you
Please, lets not -
spare us the pain
... then I wonder...

For those who read this, know that I am indebted to you all for 
visiting and reading my sorely penned poetry; of all the posts I've put out, there 
are some very special ones that stick out in my mind and I wish them to be regarded for 
"what I am capable of creating" and their quality - not with the goal of accumulating 'views'. Beginning now and through the entire month of June,  I will be immersing myself in business 
and medical matters that need my attention and helping my daughter move into a larger 
home well as getting work done on my own home.
Therefore, the writing, blogging, reading and commenting will not be my main focus.  
In fact,  I was waylaid this week with organization issues that prevented me from catching up 
with reading poetry over at which couldn't help.  It is not 
fair to post and run like I did.

What I post, if anything, will be intermittent poems or photos
They and my blog will have to stand on their own merit for awhile - as I will NOT be 
contributing to any prompts or memes, unable to hold up my end as a committed poetry
 group member, as one needs to be. I will be reading as time allows, but want to let 
you know my time will be very limited. 
  As much as I would like it to not be so, this is a necessary step.  I will see what happens 
on this hiatus; whether the blog will survive, evolve, or whatever changes might be 
made are unknowns to me at this time.  No big mystery, just needing the 
break, as we all do from time to time. ;-)  
Have a great rest of May and June!!  I'll be checking back of all  my friends 
and followers, especially those at, I love you!    Kathy ~



  1. This is really a life story you write here... I love the references to the film and the melancholy you paint. It's a weakness I have.

    1. ...just the mood I went with yesterday afternoon...;)

  2. enjoy the time off...sometimes it's important to focus on other things and then return with a bag of new impressions...smiles... this is a felt write katy....i could tell endless stories of happy and not so happy love stories...they all cost us something and yeah... if someone isn't serious, i don't wanna be kissed either....have to check out the movies you mention...smiles

    1. ..thanks, claudia, I am overwhelmed with what there is to do..hope you see the movies ..and did you see "out of africa" yet?

  3. hey you have been a great supporter so please...i hope this week goes well...enjoy your time away...i feel you in your words...thre was an event early in my life that rocked me for many a year in much the same took a very special lady to change that...smiles...

    1. ...I'm glad she came along for you...thanks, Brian..

  4. a wonderful poem, I am so glad I read this, thanks, Kevin

  5. Well done for writing at all, with all you have on your plate. But the poem is a powerful story, full of real emotion, whether you think so or not. Bravo.

    1. was a moment of recollection put on paper is all...oh, yes, if you could see my garage full of work and yard that needs attention, not to mention painting..packing boxes...;)thanks.


  6. "unless you feel
    something real and true"... but sometimes it's difficult to know what's real and true

  7. I've enjoyed reading your poetry and will check in as the month goes on. All the best to you. Cheers, kkkkaty!

  8. I have also enjoyed reading your work but understand that life is for the living, which sometimes carries us away from the blogosphere. You and I took similar paths for the prompt which made me smile big considering the synchronicity of your writing prior to the article. There is a world contained within this poem, thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. Interesting the similar responses ;) Thanks Anna

  9. Kathy, thank you for sharing this.

  10. There's always that wondering, that fear of making the wrong commitment that will cause more heartache than the heart can take. Nicely done, and I will be thinking of you in your time away. Take care of yourself!

    1. Will do, and you, too..thanks ;)

  11. Intense--both your poem and your next two months! The poem feels deeply personal and could be a novel. Good luck on your hectic months. I suspect we'll be here when you return.

    1. You should see my garage..and yard, and blah blah....a novel? Maybe ;) Thanks, Susan

  12. It's so hard to risk your heart and we then wonder if we missed something when we don't take the risk. Such a heartfelt and personal poem. Hope all goes well with the busy months ahead and you come back with many new poems to share. :)

  13. I very much appreciated the sense of pattern in approaching relationships and how you identified it. Have a great June, and I look forward to visiting when you're back. Take care, Rowan.

  14. Well written and deeply felt and suffered.
    And our responses to it. so strong and sometimes too strong for our own good.
    Take care through the hard working weeks ahead of you.
    Look forward to have you come by and visit again when all is behind you.

  15. Oh this is very sad. Love is so complicated. I do not think there are any pat answers or regimes one can follow. All we know is it is wonderful and then it hurts. Enjoy your time away.Cheery Bye!

  16. We'll be waiting for you to jump back in, Katy. I'll be on vacation this week, but hope to still be able to get some writing and posting done.
    This, as is most of your writings is in no way sorely penned, and I enjoy your poetry. Keep putting your heart on paper (or the screen, I reckon).

    1. Thanks, Charles...I will return refreshed!

  17. I loved the reference of the celluloid here. They too tend to intermesh, wonder which one impacts first! Enjoy your break and come back soon!

    Appreciate your comments on my post as well. The thought process was to decide to create space for cherished passion (loosely called hobbies) while also treading on those not sure of; being contemplative they do touch the real-time. Thank you! for the lovely thoughts.

    1. Thank you...hope those thoughts are fruitful!

  18. Sad and deeply felt, a good write.

  19. There sure is that song. It was from the Elvis Presley movie GI Blues, and it's one of my favourite ditties. Nice that it inspired you. :) (I hope your story is fiction!)

  20. Thanks Rosemary..I just posted it along with the poem!

    Well, yes, the story is basically from experience..recalled the other day out of the blue, so I recklessly wrote it down ;) ha


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