Thursday, May 9, 2013

June Cleaver's Mother's Day ..

June Cleaver - ideal "Mom" in 1953
permed hair, lipstick on her 
morning cup of Maxwell House coffee
 adjusting Ward's tie, 
fixing box lunches for Wally and Beav
And so her routine began,
she wore dresses mid calf length
Mrs. Congeniality;
but we never saw the worst 
it could be -
no burnt bacon, dirty house,
no clutter, wrestling a vacuum
only dialog squeaky clean 
Stories revolved around
 the family's
 idiosyncrasies -
boys given to mischief 
and growing pains,
Life's problems simply 
were not complex -
Norman Rockwell model family
as if no bigger issues
existed in reality  
As in the Ozzie & Harriet Nelson
show, lessons were taught -
right, wrong, what how and why,
taking the higher road,
molded by morals 
of an era gone by
where underneath sleeping embers
complex carbons 
of truth do lie
We knew Beaver's buck teeth,
 Wally quite the good looking guy,
supporting players 
let us sympathize in comedy
We loved Lumpy's 
Eddie Haskel's supposed 
juvenile delinquency
perspective reveals -
real lives don't compare,
with fantasy except in dreams 
and on TV


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  1. smiles...well now there is a flashback...ha...def used to make it look easy, but pretty far from reality as well...and sadly there are many that try to live up to that model...real life is a bit messy at times...


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