Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Polar Bear Plunge...

January 1 is the day each year
some find it invigorating to dive
into water's freezing temperatures 
...I for one am not opposed to the jump
I've registered my bib number today
What harm can it do to immerse oneself
to stimulate the body's blood flow - yikes! 
All for a good cause and a tradition
drawn from that of northern Europeans
My question is if cameras are allowed -
it seems one of the rules is nudity
On a short beach, nothing to hide behind? 
Helicopters hover above the bay?
No thanks, I'm a chicken liver and will
withdraw my name in the blink of a shiver

To be fair, I believe this may not be true ;)  Happy New Year!


  1. to even think of participating make thou braver than I... :)

  2. haha... i know they do it over here and even goethe was known for breaking open the ice and take a bath in the cold lake...maybe that was part of his deal with the muse you know...smiles... happy new year to your katy...

  3. ha. i have done it...though not in the buff...i wore swim trunks...it is invigorating...and freezing....also bathed in a mountain stream once....another very cold experience...smiles...hey at least you know where you draw the line...smiles...happy new year...

  4. Ha! I've done a few polar bear swims --one at Coney Island (18 degrees that day surrounded by Russian men) and one in the Catskill mountains breaking ice! They were all, yes, invigorating! But you certainly describe the doubt and the wanting to cop-out! Sweet and funny poem. Have a very happy new year! k. (Manicddaily)

  5. i hope the new year is treating you good.

  6. Began it with a head cold but still enjoyed family, thanks; looking forward to the pub re - opening!


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